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Ski resort sheet

42 slopes
Tracks map
120 KM. skiable
165snow cannons
18 lifts
0 carpet lift
7 chairlifts
9 button lifts
2 cable cars
0 gondola lift
1800 - 2610 M. ski resort altitude
30 - 35 Price of ski pass day/adult
72 KM. Distance to airport
disabled access

An hour and a half from the Cotê d’Azur, the Isola 2000 ski resort in the Southern Alps offers holidays in summer and winter. Located at 2000 m above sea level and on the border with Italy (not accessible during winter), Isola 2000 has large outdoor spaces. It is the gateway to a rich cultural and natural environment among the Mercantour National Park and the Alpi Marittime Natural Park.


Location of the Isola 2000 ski resort

With less than 600 inhabitants durign year, Isola 2000 is a medium-sized resort which takes advantage of an enviable location. In fact, Isola 2000 is located only 90 km from Nice and the Sistron peak (2610m); in good weather conditions, you are able to see the sea.

Speaking of accommodation, the Isola resort’s is made up of a wide variety of establishments. Therefore, you can choose to stay in a hotel, a rural house or in a typical mountain style chalet.

With the design of the resort in mind, many accommodations offer stunning mountain views; you can enjoy a breath taking panorama while resting in bed.

On the other hand, access to the shops and the ski area is easy due to the proximity of the shopping center and the snow front.

The Isola 2000 resort benefits from a particularly exceptional layer of snow at this latitude, due to the proximity of the Gulf of Genoa. The low pressure of the air in a northwesterly direction favors heavy snowfall during winter, which normally lasts until early spring. Snowfall from the south is relatively rare, but at the same time abundant. Sun is the main claim of the resort. But temperatures can be very low.


Isola 2000 facilities


In terms of reception, the Isola 2000 resort can surprise you in a good way. The hospitality of its people, with the willing of giving you the best possible welcome, is perceptible from the first moment; bringing out the human courage and heart of the resort. In the shopping center you can enjoy shopping, book your ski lessons, drop your kids off at daycare, eat and have a drink on the sunny terraces overlooking the snow front.

Isola 2000 stands out from other resorts thanks to its snow quality and its hours of sunshine; its exceptional settlement combines altitude with proximity to the Mediterranean.

The Isola 2000 resort is 90 km from Nice. Among the ski resorts in the Southern Alps, Isola 2000 is the closest to the French Riviera. The resort is nestled a bit far from the town, for which we will have to move about 17 kilometers from the center. The road leading to the resort is secured in several places by avalanche and protection galleries, as the road crosses several landslide-prone areas

Alpine ski domain of Isola 2000


The ski area, taking advantage of the many hours of sun during the day, is divided into two valleys. The Lombardy side is more sunny during the day, while the Mene side has shade during the afternoon. From the Cis de Sistron, specially on sunny days, you can see the sea and the neighboring Auron resort.


The Isola 2000 ski resort is divided into two valleys. As we said earlier, we face an area where you can enjoy the sun while descending and another where the temperatures are cooler in the afternoon; these are the slopes of Lombardy and Mene, respectively.


We found quite a few peaks, with Mount Malinvern at 2938 meters. The ski resort extends from 1800 to 2610 meters above sea level, along 120 km of slopes.

To learn to ski


Whether to introduce our children to the world of skiing or to improve our skills, the advice of a qualified instructor never hurts. In Isola 2000, you can choose between two types of classes.

– The ESF and its team of 110 instructors await you throughout the winter, to start or improve your skills, in skiing or snowboarding,

– ESI (International Ski School) has two monitors for children and adults.


For children, the FSE de Isola 2000 offers its “Club Piou Piou”, a space reserved for children from 4 to 6 years old, offering maximum safety and comfort. Under the supervision of its monitors, it allows parents to enjoy the day in the snow while being taught how to get around in the snow.


The resort is really aware of the considerable influx of families and children each year, so it offers many activities and entertainment: apart from the aforementioned ” Club Piou Piou ”, snowparks, adapted snowboard and ski slopes, snowshoes. .. The resort’s nursery will take care of your children from 15 months to 4 years.


Fun parks and new areas to enjoy in Isola 2000


Located at 2300 m, the Isola 2000 snowpark (“Tony’s Snowland”) offers you different new ways to enjoy your day in the snow. This recreational and technical space offers modules for all levels: slopestyle, big air, handrail, beginners area …


On the Mouflon trail, the boardercross is a meeting point for the most experienced skiers and beginners; It is the ideal place to exchange feelings and comments to improve our technique. This resort holds national and European competitions, so it won’t be uncommon for us to strike up a conversation with a ski champion while training.

The mandatory visits of the resort


The visit to any viewpoint to enjoy a magazine-cover panorama of the Massif des Ecrinos up to the Mediterranean Sea, passing by the Viso and the Massif de Argentera (from the top of the ski resort and in good weather).

Our day in the snow will not be complete without Tony’s Snowland and the Biopark (with natural wood modules).

It is always recommended to do a driving course, even if we have previous driving experience; the resort offers on-demand driving courses on snow and ice, which will make us earn confidence, ease, and above all, safety.

Although we rather visiting the mountains to rest or we want to give ourselves a wellness treatment, we should head to the Aquavallée center. It is a health and wellness center, with heated pools, saunas, hammam, jacuzzis, squash room, aquabiking … Always enjoying the calm and tranquility that high mountain villages provide.

Every winter Isola 2000 organizes and hosts important sporting and cultural events that can mark your stay and make it unforgettable: Rounds on the FIS international calendar, ski and snow festival (mid-January), Russian week (early January), and Boardercross rounds of the Coupe de France.