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Ski resort sheet

41 slopes
Tracks map
43 KM. skiable
500snow cannons
24 lifts
2 carpet lifts
8 chairlifts
13 button lifts
1 cable car
0 gondola lift
1800 - 2213 M. ski resort altitude
35 - 40 Price of ski pass day/adult
89 KM. Distance to airport
disabled access

The Font Romeu Pyrénées 2000 ski resort is a must-see for those who want to make the right choice when choosing any snow and mountain holidays in the Pyrenees. Its ski area covers 4 sectors: Pyrénées 2000, Aveillans, Calme and Airelles.

The resort holds many alpine trails, each with unique characteristics that differentiate from sector to sector, as you take into account their different infrastructures and how they are equipped.

Layout and location of the Font Romeu ski resort

Pyrénées 2000 is a charming and pleasant villa at the base of the slopes, offering a wide range of local products and post-ski entertainment. A ski school with its own snow garden, as well as many varied restaurants await you in this area.

Pyrénées 2000 is a typical mountain village that has managed to maintain its rurality despite its modern facilities. It is located 1800 meters above sea level, in the heart of the Catalan Pyrenees. This area of the resort offers ski-in, ski-out accommodation, a major bonus for anybody impatient who wants to ski on powder snow as soon as they wake up.

You will find no problem finding lodging that grants your wishes and fulfills your needs, thanks to the variety of available accommodation. Chalets, apartments, hostels and rural houses are just some of the options to choose from.

font romeu altiservice
font romeu altiservice 

Trails in the Airelles sector of Font Romeu

The slopes of the Airelles sector are well known by families. Access to this sector is by road or by gondola, from the center of Font Romeu. This area is usually crowded by beginners, children and people who are starting out on the snow. It is a sector oriented mainly to skiing.

The area was designed with accessibility, ease of use of the slopes and guest comfort in mind.  The resort has set up a 20hectare wooded and secure play area that offers 2 sled runs, a conveyor belt and chairlift for kids, a double slalom, 2 mini border crosses and other snow games.

Children also have means to improve their abilities thanks to the 6 safe green slopes at their disposal.

The Airelles sector has all possible comforts. There is a ski kindergarten, two ski schools, and restaurants to eat at where you can taste the typical dishes of the mountain region. Although it is not necessary, you can leave your ski equipment safely in the locker area while you eat. If you do not have our own equipment, there are shops at the resort where you can rent all the necessary gear. In this sector you can also purchase ski passes, necessary in order to use the resorts’ facilities. The only element missing is you to enjoy, skis or no skis, all that this magnificent sector in Font Romeu Pyrénées 2000 has to offer.

The busiest sector in Font Romeu

In the Aveillans sector we can go a step further when it comes to discovering excitement. Accessible only by ski or snowboard, Aveillans is situated between 1700 and 2000 meters. Due to its altitude, this sector of the ski resort is mainly intended for experienced skiers or riders.

It offers breath taking black slopes, served by two ski lifts that allow skiers to take full advantage of the considerable differences that the elevation of this northern slope bring. This little corner of paradise also holds a trail used to organize competitions.

As you glide down the trail, you will feel like an international competitor, following in the footsteps of ski champions. This sector, located on the edge of the Pyrenees National Park is very pleasant. It allows a connection with the mountain that you can only find in a few other locations.

La Calme sector, skiing in its purest form

This sector is the highest in the Font Romeu Pyrénées 2000 ski area. When moving through this sector, you will enter an area designed for visual delight.  Here you will glare at unique landscapes worthy of the most beautiful postcards; for instance, Roc de la Calme which rises to 2213 meters. From this point, one can enjoy the unforgettably spectacular panorama of the astonishing Carlit peak, as well as the Canigó massif. La Calme Nord and Sud are well-equipped sections of the resort.

Actually, the La Calme plateau has many customer-oriented facilities. At 2050 meters above sea level, you can find a car park, a restaurant at the foot of the ski lifts (ideal to satisfy small appetites between descents), a ticket office and a rescue station.

The Calme plateau is also the starting point for several Nordic skiing and hiking trails. Of course, alpine skiers can also reach this sector. Recently the resort groomed a dozen red (difficult) and several black (very difficult) trails to guarantee excitement at its finest.

This area is especially well equipped. “Freestyle” skiers and snowboarders will find their playground here and a place to work on their passion. At the same time, a snowpark has been created between Roc de la Calme and its plateau. Whether you’re a beginner or more experienced skier, it just takes a little bravery to try your luck at the multiple modules and rails. The resort offers a special ski pass to access the snowpark.

Skiing is only a part of what Font Romeu has to offer

The sun. Many hours of sunshine allow you to enjoy the slopes all day, greatly easing orientation through the trails.

The resort has up to 111 km of Nordic trails, necessary if we want to enjoy the snow at our leisure and without the crowds.  From the resort all skiers and snowboarders are encouraged to try the Nordic area, specifically the Font-Romeu area and the biathlon trail.

In Dorres, Llo or Saint Thomas, you can enjoy the perfect moment of relaxation outdoors. Here you can contemplate the idyllic natural surroundings from a spring water bath which maintains a temperature of 36 ° C, filled with beneficial vapors.

The Yellow Train is an authentic railway monument in the region. It crosses the most beautiful landscapes of the eastern Pyrenees, using bridges built around a century ago. This train runs all year, both in winter and summer.

The “Les Neiges Catalanes” skipass allows you to travel to the ski resorts of the same name, a group of 8 ski resorts in the eastern Pyrenees. It’s an interesting option if the Font Romeu ski resort falls short. For example, some of its interesting features include: 172 alpine ski slopes, 89 ski lifts, 230 km of slopes, 1220 snow cannons, 420 km of Nordic ski slopes, 340 monitors, 15 ski schools and 9 snow parks.

We can also visit the giant Odeillo solar oven, an important heritage location in the area, a “laboratory of excellence” where world-renowned chefs meet. It is the first large industrial capacity solar oven built in the world, whose satellite dish has been listed as a Historical Monument since 2009.

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