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Antuco Ski Center is located at 89 kms (55 mi) from Los Angeles, in the hillside of Antuco volcano, 2,985 mts (9,793 ft), inside the limits of Laguna del Laja National Park. Its great slopes are surrounded by beautiful landscapes which include forests and the typical views of the southern chilean volcanos.

The best thing about Antuco is its calm and peaceful atmosphere; although it’s just 55 miles away from the nearest city, it’s a perfect spot for weekend getaways and for those ski begginers trying to learn a few moves without hurries. Antuco has its own shelters, a ski school, three ski lifts, rental equipment, one cafeteria and Ski Club Los Angeles’ head office, with two lodge rooms and a restaurant which is open all year round.

Antuco is a 55 miles road trip away from Los Angeles across the Ruta 5 Sur. The road’s last 27 miles are unpaved. There’s also a bus transportation service offered by Islajacoop Ltda that works between Los Angeles and Antuco.