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Situated at the heart of Vosgien’s uplands, Ventron’s ski resort welcomes you every season. At the gates of Alsace, let’s discover a familial ski resort with a verdant and natural setting. Ventron’s village center is located at 640 m of altitude.

Frère Joseph’s ski resort, also called Les Pistes de Ventron is situated at 4 km from the center and at 900 m of altitude. But in Ventron, the practising of snowboard is regulated : it is only authorised monday, tuesday, thursday and friday not including school holidays. Cross-country skiing lovers can enjoy 3 ski trails on Ventron’s skiing area : La Futaie – 7,5 km, La Ronde Bruche – 4 km and Les Buttes (school) – 1 km. Ventron’s ski trail is linked to Bussang’s skiing area via La Futaie.

As well as the practise of skiing (alpine or nordic) Ventron offers 3 tours by snow shoe for pleasure of all the lovers :

– a tour “baby snowshoe” of 800 m; situated at Ermitage Frère Joseph’s ski resort, for a gently learning.

– 2 tours of 2,3 km and 4,2 km At the close of day;

let’s try local gastronomy in the different restaurants and inns!