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The Vallter 2000 ski and mountain resort is located in the Catalan region of Ripollès. It is located about 100 km from Girona and 140 from Barcelona. Vallter 2000 wants to find a balance between family leisure and the purest snow sports. The Vallter 2000 base is placed at almost 2.000 meters and the summit is more than 2.500 meters. The resort runs through the Ulldeter glacial circus area and is located under the summit of the Bastiments, 2.874 meters. It has 10 km of alpine ski slopes spread over 12 trails.

Vallter 2000: ski resort history

The origins of Vallter 2000 go back to the end of the 60’s, when other ski resorts in the Pyrenees started to be designed and built.

During the 1969 summer, the Vallter Inc. company was built. From here, the negotiations for the construction of the road, the facilities and negotiations with the Setcasas City Council began. The council is the owner of the land, for the concession of the mountain on a rental basis.

Morens I, the first ski lift , was installed in December 1974. The resort opened serving visitors from an iron house, like the ones used in construction.

In November 1989, and facing the imminent season 89-90, the resort carried out an investment of 130 million pesetas (currently approximately  800.000 euros), in the first low-pressure snow production network in Spain. A new trail was inaugurated: Jordi Pujol. Finished a year earlier, but  left unopened due to the scarcity of snow.

The resort was slightly renewed in 2013, with snow production cannons in Puig Lladres and Barquins; in order to guarantee the thicknesses of the snow on the slopes throughout the season.

The weather, in general, had its peaks and falls. This conditioned the normal development of the resort, but they were economically good years at a general level. And the customers continued to bet on skiing in Vallter, although with a stagnation with a downward trend. Competition with other resorts in the Pyrenees left Vallter in an unattractive, uneven position. 

Distribution of the slopes in the ski resort Vallter 2000

A total of 11 lifts: 2 chair lifts, 5 ski lifts, 3 magic carpets and 1 cable rope. With a total capacity of 7200 travelers per hour and 12 alpine ski runs, they form a total of 10 km of skiable terrain and 3,4 km of freeride area. The central area, to which the Barquins ski lifts and the Jordi Pujol Planella chair lift give access, is the ”daddy’s little girl” of Vallter with an impresive combination of red and blue slopes.

Vallter 2.000 has all the necessary services in a ski resort: ski and snowboard school, equipment rental, medical and sanitary services, customer service, a good gastronomic and accommodation offer, arés-ski activities, etc.

The Catalan resort is concerned about the comfort and safety of all the skiers and snowboarders at the resort. To achieve this, the improvement work has focused on the facilities: different sections of slopes have been cleaned up to guarantee the duration of the snow. And different curtain sections for better snow maintenance have been installed. A part of the seats of the Jordi Pujol chairlift have been fixed. Like some accesses have been improved by reviewing the asphalt and replacing some protection fences.

Vallter offers a magnificent track called Xalet, which crosses the source of the Ter river at 2535 meters and reaches the lowest point of the resort. After crossing a beautiful forest, it is considered one of the most beautiful and spectacular descents of this skiable domain.

Vallter 2000 bets on diversification

Vallter 2000 is strongly committed to being a high mountain resort. From the FGC Group, it is clear that something different must be done to seduce a wider audience in addition to traditional skiers. This is why new snowshoe and mountain ski trails have been created. They are trails without too much difficulty. They perform baptisms both in snowshoe and with ski mountaineering. We can even try evening activities. Like excursions under a full moon that end with a dinner at the Marmotes restaurant (2.535 m).

Keeping the work, a small Nordic ski track has also been created for beginners in Marmotes. There is a Snow Cam, used by a mountain guide who teaches the use of safety devices such as shovel, ARVA and to probe and build igloos for extreme conditions.

Incredible views of the Pyrenees

The Vallter 2000, station is located in a circle of glacial origin (circle of Morens – Ull de Ter), in the easternmost part of the Pyrenees, in the Ripollès region and within the municipality of Setcases.

Surrounded by peaks, some of them exceed 2.800 meters, the base of the resort is located 2.000 meters above the valley of the Ter river. Its privileged geographical location brings an exceptional panoramic view. At 2.535 m altitude, you can see the Bay of Roses and Cabo de Creus (Costa Brava).

This proximity to the sea means that the eastern storms leave considerable snow thicknesses during the winter season in Vallter 2000. It has 11 mechanical lifts, with 2 modern chair lifts (Tc Enric Planella and Tc Jordi Pujol Planella) that will allow us access big part of the ski area and its 20Km of slopes. The 5 available Freeride zones stands out, with incredible descents when the snow conditions allow it.