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Valdesquí is located in the Sierra de Guadarrama (mountain range belonging to the Central System), on the northern slope of the mountains of the Bola del Mundo and the Cerro de Valdemartín.

It is located in the municipality of Rascafría, in the northwest of the Community of Madrid (Spain).

Madrid is the capital of southern Europe that has 4 ski resorts near to the urban center.

Although its 220-hectare ski area is small compared to other Pyrenees or Alps, it is the largest and busiest in the entire Sierra and the Community of Madrid. It has 19.5 km skiable, 21 ski lifts, and access by bus and train from Madrid.

It is a small ski resort with a fairly high minimum level, which above 1,800 m ensures a lot of snow and quality for much of the season. From its beautiful places it is possible to glimpse the provinces of Segovia and Madrid.

Valdesquí is a ski resort that was inaugurated in 1972. It is one of the favorite leisure areas for the inhabitants of Madrid and Segovia who want to ski nearby.

It has a huge parking lot and a large perimeter fence that prevents access by tourists, crossers and foreigners who want to enjoy the snow without paying for a ski pass.

Valdesquí: Enjoy skiing near to Madrid

The Valdesquí ski resort has two coffee shops, one at the foot of the slope and another in the middle of the valley. The cafeteria that we will find on the slopes, has a large terrace ideal to enjoy the landscape and regain strength.

The ski resort of Valdesquí always collects snow every winter. Its orientation and altitude are excellent to enjoy a few days of skiing in the central system.

The agglomerations of the weekend invite you to visit the station from Monday to Friday, where we will find reduced rates and we can enjoy the station without crowds or waiting.