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The Aramón Valdelinares ski resort is located in the Iberian System, in the municipality of Valdelinares; more specifically in the Gúdar-Javalambre region. In the Teruel province and 70 km from the city. The Valdelinares Ski Resort crowns the highest summits in Sierra de Gúdar, at more than 2.000 meters altitude. The resort has a 9 kilometer ski area spread over the following alpine ski slopes: three green, four blue and three red.

Resort history: Valdelinares

The Valdelinares Ski Resort has a history with more than 30 years. Originally it started with a ski lift and a single slope, managed by hand by some mountaineers in the area who were starting skiing.

Until 1991 it was in private hands, in which the total number of slopes was expanded to 3 and the number of ski lifts to 3. That year, the General Deputation of Aragon (DGA) started managing the resort, calling itself the ‘Teruel Ski’ Society.

One of the main objectives of this society is to contribute the development of the Gúdar-Javalambre Region as a tourist destination. One of the first decisions took was to open the resort also in summer. And since 1994, during the summer months of July and August, they offer Multi-Adventure Activities to all visitors who want to spend a pleasant time with them.

The current situation since 2001, Nieve de Teruel is part of a Holding or group of 5 companies called Aramon, Mountains of Aragon. The resort was favored when the Javalambre Ski Resort opened, as it expanded its number of slopes and ski lifts. With the most modern snow production systems on all its slopes, a ski lift with a capacity of 11.000 skiers / hour, more than 12 skiable kilometers, 5 cafes, 3 restaurants and all the services that the most demanding skiers and visitors can request. The resorts offer everything necessary to satisfy the demand of the skier, and they are continuously being improved by the Aramon group.

Slopes layout in Valdelinares

In Valdelinares we find 5 green slopes, ideal for beginners. These are Debutants I, Debutants II, Colmenilla, Hornillo and Bujarones. At the base of Bujarones is Cabaña 1900,  a wonderful wooden building. With an innovative design in the middle of the slopes and surrounded by trees. There you can also enjoy spectacular views at Mirador de Valdelinares.

The resort also has 5 blue trails (El Bosque, Central, Villarejo, La Mina and Monegro). A bit more difficulty than the previous, and through them, you can start sliding when you already go down the green slopes with ease. These last two, La Mina and Monegro, reach the minimum level of the resort (1.700 meters). If you want to go back, all you have to do is take the Valdelinares chairlift or El Bolage, with 4 seats. And continue enjoying one descent after another.

If you rather, you can ice skate on the station’s new ice rink, located next to the parking lot. Lately it has become one of the most visited places in the resort. After taking off your skis, you can put on your skates and enjoy yourself as you glide on the ice outdoors, in a beautiful spot, at a 2.000 meters summit.

Unique characteristics of Valdelinares

It also has a complete cross-country ski track and a spectacular snowpark. The secret of Valdelinares is a perfect mix between the natural attractiveness of its forests and the comfort of a family resort.

As with his “sister resort” Javalambre, shares forfaits and a skiable domain secured by one hundred percent per cent covered with artificial snow. Aramón Valdelinares is an ideal place for fans from the Valencian Community given its proximity, although every time You can find more skiers every places in the world.

The common factor to all of them is the teaching and family character. A distinctive feature of the resorts in Teruel, which does not prevent us from enjoying red tracks; with a certain level of demand, you can give your best at ease.

In the upper part of the resort, next to the car park, we will find a well-defined area for beginners, both skiers or snowboarders. The boarders, in addition, have at their disposal a snowpark in constant remodeling and growth.

The snowpark, expanded last season, is located facing the Villarejo trail. If you want to learn to ski, the resort is ready for you to start in white sport and also experience sensations on the slopes with a higher level of difficulty.

For the more adventurous, the lines and jumps of the Snowpark have been redesigned. The park has changed its location to the Villarejo trai, doubling its dimensions. The most modern artificial snow systems guarantee snow throughout the winter season in Valdelinares, since the entire ski area has artificial wintering.

Valdelinares within ARAMÓN

Aramón, which integrates the ski resorts in the Aragonese Pyrenees of Cerler, in the Benasque and Formigal-Panticosa Valley, in the Tena Valley, and Javalambre and Valdelinares, in the Turolense Iberian System, represents the largest ski area in Spain and It stands as the first business snow and mountain tourism group.

Since 2002, it has the objective of promoting the economic and social development of the regions it operates by creating a modern and innovative ski and mountain tourism offer. The Aramón group, mountains of Aragon, is 50% owned by the Government of Aragon and Ibercaja and, in the form of a limited company, acts as a holding company that manages and integrates the four ski resorts.

A long-term vision, combined with a unique quality, excellence and innovation, have fueled the growth of Aramón and each of its stations to make it the leading Spanish business group in the sector.