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Sundance, Utah photo:Adam Clark

Sundance Mountain Resort, founded by Robert Redford, the two-time Oscar-winning actor and director, in 1969, is one of Utah’s most iconic ski resorts. This classic American ski area offers a wide range of spectacular accommodation to enjoy the snow with all the comforts.

If you are looking for uncrowded ski slopes, you probably won’t go wrong with the Sundance Mountain Resort ski area. It offers a highly varied terrain, suitable for all levels of skiing and a stunning alpine landscape.

Spanning 500 acres, Sundance Mountain Resort offers a total of 44 ski slopes. The base of the station is found at an altitude of 1,860 meters and its highest point reaches 2,514 meters. In Sundance you will not find cable cars or gondolas, however they have 4 detachable chairlifts that allow you to ascend quickly to the top with hardly any queues.

Sundance Mountain Resort Ski Area: Mountains of Fun and Eco-friendliness

Skiing at Sundance Mountain Resort is quite an experience and we are not only talking about its modern ski lifts and well-kept slopes. Sundance Ski Resort is focused on providing an environmentally-friendly mountain experience with minimal impact on its natural environment.


Sundance has a population that lives there year-round on more than 6,000 acres at the base of the towering 12,000-foot Mount Timpanogos. This beautiful mountain is considered to be the second highest mountain in Utah.

This mythical American ski resort is found at the north bifurcation of Provo Canyon, where events of the highest order are held. Sundance Ski Resort holds the annual Sundance Film Festival and its famous host actor and director Robert Redford. In 1969, the famous American actor envisioned the sustainable growth of a community that would foster the alliance of arts and recreation while preserving the integrity of the land, and that is exactly what the Sundance Mountain Resort ski resort is today, a place where enjoyment and respect go hand in hand for a more sustainable future.

In this video narrated by Robert Redford himself, you can see some images of this snow paradise in Utah. However, the American actor’s passion for snow melted like snow, until he ended up selling the Utah ski resort.

The best ski slopes you can find at Sundance Mountain Resort 

Sundance Mountain Resort Ski Resort is located 21 km northeast of Provo, Utah, and offers a wide range of slopes for all levels. But if we have to highlight the three best slopes of this enormous ski area, without a doubt we will choose the Bear Claw trail (intermediate difficulty), for its magnificent views over the valley.

If, on the other hand, your level is advanced, do not hesitate to head on to, taking the appropriate precautions, The Sling and Shauna’s Secret, both classified by the station as Black Diamond (great difficulty).

Activities in the Sundance ski area

Finally, if in addition to skiing you are also a fan of local cuisine, head over to the “Foundry Grill”, a restaurant where you will find elaborate, fresh and high quality dishes. It should be noted that there are plenty of other fast food restaurants, which all respect the mountain life. A commonly shared characteristic amongst Utah populations. If you need to find yourself in the urban core, here you have a direct access to the Sundance urban map.

The Sundance Nordic Center offers 15 kilometers of cross-country ski trails geared for skating and classic techniques. This Nordic Center has developed a great reputation among Nordic skiers for the quality of grooming operations that take place every night, leaving untouched trails every morning with classic slopes and a wide skating rink. Their network of trails runs through immaculate terrain creating a unique experience for all skill levels.

Nordic skiing at Sundanece Mountain Resort (Source: https://www.sundanceresort.com/)

Sustainable Development at Sundance Mountain Resort

Sundance Mountain Resort has a long history of environmentally friendly policies dating back to its origins in 1969. Today, the resort continues to update and implement new sustainable policies, staying at the forefront of environmental stewardship. For example, guests are invited to participate in the linen reuse programme, which saves water and energy, as well as reducing waste.

Another of their most important measures is recycling. In particular, glass recycling is a challenge in Utah, so Sundance Mountain Resort decided to install its own glass furnace. As a result, wine bottles and other types of glass are recycled at the resort itself and even turned into decorative art and household items, with the aim of combining artistic and environmental purposes.

They also have a green building policy that guides all development and refurbishment projects at the resort.

For example, their Spa contains many environmentally responsible building products, such as low-VOC paint, water-saving devices or energy-saving lighting and heating among many others. Finally, the resort staff also carry out projects aimed at returning the mountain to its natural state. Specifically, they work on removing weeds, laying anti-erosion blankets and restoring vegetation.

Unforgettable experiences at Sundance Mountain Resort

Discover the Sundance Art Studio to unwind from the everyday world with a wide range of activities and classes. Here, you can take part in classes in ceramics, handmade soap making or handmade jewellery, or even glass blowing! Of course, you won’t find anything like it at any other station, Sundance offers artistic experiences for all tastes!

You can also take a day away from your skis to experience a day of fishing. At Sundance Mountain Resort, guided trips are offered year-round to the Provo River, Weber River and other local streams and private waters —it’s a perfect experience for young and old alike!

You can also enjoy a relaxing day at the Spa at Sundance. There you can get all kinds of massages or facials for a day of pampering. And if you give 24 hours notice, you can also have a yoga session —don’t miss out!

Ceramics classes at the Sundance Art Studio (Source: https://www.sundanceresort.com/)

Sundance Mountain Resort in summer

Sundance Mountain Resort doesn’t slow down in the summer. In fact, you can enjoy the adventure park and zip line —it’s over 60 metres of vertical drop and the largest in the United States! You can also enjoy a quieter activity enjoying the panoramic views of the mountain from a gondola.

You can also decide to go hiking or mountain biking. The hiking trails are signposted by level, from beginner to advanced, although for the mountain bike trails an intermediate level is recommended. Finally, you can also enjoy a relaxing horseback ride through the mountains.

Horseback riding (Source: https://www.sundanceresort.com/)

Hotels at Sundance Mountain Resort

Sundance Resort Hotel

The resort itself also owns the Sundance Resort Hotel. Here, guests can enjoy pleasant rooms that include a flat-screen TV and a small kitchenette. In addition, the resort has room service and a concierge.

Guests can also benefit from free parking. Finally, don’t miss the relaxing jacuzzi and delicious breakfast, designed to help you relax and recharge your batteries so you can make the most of the snow.

Sundance Resort Hotel (Source: https://www.sundanceresort.com/)

Hawk’s Nest

You can also stay within walking distance of Stewart Falls and Sundance Spa at Hawk’s Nest Cabin. It’s a small cottage with vaulted ceilings and north-facing windows for year-round natural light, and is decorated with a beautiful wood interior.

The cottage also has a full kitchen with bar and, of course, a hot tub! Without a doubt, this cottage is perfect for enjoying the mountain atmosphere to the fullest.

Hawk’s Nest (Source: https://www.sundanceresort.com/)


Another option is the Ponderosa cottage for 9 people. It is located within the forests of the Wasatch Mountains, making it the ideal place to make the most of nature.

The cottage has large patio and balcony areas where you can enjoy the views. It also has a separate small flat which is ideal for the grandparents to stay in if the whole family is travelling. The design is unique, appealing to many styles of families and friends alike.

Ponderosa (Source: https://www.sundanceresort.com/)

Skiing at Sundance Mountain Resort: The resort’s main strengths

✅ It’s a resort that is all about sustainability.

✅ Great variety of activities in summer and winter.

✅ A wide range of accommodation close to the resort.

✅ Very varied terrain, for all skiing levels.