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This magnificent skiable domain owns 250km of pistes and is part of the biggest skiing areas in Europe. The ski resort of 13 Villages near Ecrins’ National Park (summit 4102m) offers a nice bunch of pistes suitable for all levels. You will find very different natural sectors depending on the area you are. With a forest of centenarian trees and a big diversity of pines the skiable domain offers never-ending valleys with spectacular slopes and extremely varied.

Serre Chevalier : Idyllic image of alpine landscapes

The Valley of Serre-Chevalier offers an idyllic image of alpine landscapes from other times, without huge apartment blocks. Skiers will share the pleasure to be in a well-preserved place.

The ski resort is unique for several reasons including the fact that it stretches on 20km between Briançon and Monêtiers-les-Bains : it is the Valley of Guisane, a high valley located on the Lautaret and Galibier passes (region of Hautes-Alpes) at the crossing of French and Italian regions.

Serre-Chevalier’s domain is made up of 4 sectors

Briançon-Serre-Chevalier 1200, Serre-Chevalier 1350, Serre-Chevalier 1400 and Serre-Chevalier 1500. They are all connected thanks to a free bus service available with the purchase of your ski pass. There are 110 runs and 250km of pistes which will satisfy all kinds of skiers from gentle runs lovers to olympic pistes riders with high mountain areas. Children and beginners will enjoy a skiing area especially made for them.

The best way to discover the possibilities offered by the skiable domain is to follow different routes (“Grand Serre-Che”).

There are two routes : one goes from Monêtier-les-Bains to Briançon while other is the opposite. By using these routes and ski lifts you can discover pistes and paths starting from 2700m of altitude. For those wishing to swim beneath snowflakes you will find a thermal swimming pool in Monêtier 1500, with warm water : it is open the whole year until 11 pm.

Serre-Chevalier is also a paradise for nordic skiing lovers. Its pistes extend throughout villages of the valley through forests which are one of the resort’s attraits : 45km of pistes from green to black runs for everyone’s delight.