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Saint Hilaire du Touvet

St Hilaire it’s firstly a village between Dent de Crolles and Grésivaudan’s valley like an open window on an exceptionnal panorama. St Hilaire it’s also a ski resort set up in natural and magnificient setting with ski trails at the heart of the forest, with a great sunshine and Chartreuse’s huge cliffs.

The ski resort is not immense, it’s human size. It’s the ideal place to initiate children to board sports’ pleasures and let them securely practising skiing. An ideal place to share together as a family or with friends some unforgettable moments of sledding.

A place where all winter practising are available : alpine skiing, cross-country skiing, sledge and snowshoe … St Hilaire du Touvet, a warm and convivial ski resort for all winter pleasure !