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Pra Loup

France | Region: Southern Alps

Skiing area with 180 km of ski trails, Pra Loup offers a variety of landscapes, reliefs and difference in height or level which make well-known it. Pra Loup ski resort has decided to pay tribute to the feminine population during a long and eventful week-end (12th and 13th March).

Located in Alpes-de-Haute-Provence’s department pearl of Uvernet-Fours’ municipality at exactly 3 min of Barcelonnette in Ubaye’s valley at the crossroad of prestigious saddles as Cayolle (2240m), Allos’ saddle (2247m) and the one of Restefond-la Bonnette (2715m) which is the higghest in the world.

Skiing area belonging to Pra Loup constitutes with La Foux d’Allós : Espace Lumière which represents 38 ski lifts and 180 km of ski trails.

Offering a view on the valley, elegant accomodations fit in harmoniously with forests of larches. After skiing, you will be able to enjoy of 80 shops which are allocated around ski trails and the half-covered gallery.