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Pic du Midi is an extraordinary tourist heaven with a privileged situation right in front of the Pyrenees mountain chain and an altitude of 2877m. From the top you can discover and enjoy a wonderful view of the Pyrenees from Catalonia to Basque Country.

From east to west the horizon opens on more than 300km of mountain. From the 750m² terrace, the view goes from southwest plaines to the first mountainous area of Massif Central. Visitors will discover the breathtaking view and the activites offered by Pic du Midi (museographic area, visits, lunches, …) or spend a night or an afternoon on the summit to admire the stars and the beauty of the sky.

A gorgeous view that you can’t miss after a nice day of skiing. Why don’t you try to sleep on the top of Pic du Midi and ski down the slopes the next morning ?

Since 2007, it is possible to ski down the whole Pic du Midi with skis or snowboard : with nearly 3000m of altitude, it is a real high mountain domain for experienced skiers. In fact, even the Derby of Freeride was celebrated in the ski resort.

But this area is not watched nor maintained so it is essential to have a good knowledge of high mountain. Skiers will have to sign a responsibility document before launching themselves on the piste. To enjoy this descent at best, the accompanying of a professional is recommended.