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Spain | Región: Aragonese Pyrenees

The Panticosa ski resort is the most familiar resort of the Aramón group. It is located in the village of Panticosa (Huesca), in the Aragonese Pyrenees. It is a family winter center that has been modernizing and improving the quality of its services, expanding its offer to all types of skiers. Located a few minutes from the immense Formigal ski resort. Panticosa is a medium resort, very familiar but at the same time has appeal for all types of skiers.

It has a mild climate, has a spa, and together with the family atmosphere that can be feel throughout the town, from the resort to the hotels, its the ideal destination for an unforgettable holiday.

Layout of the slopes in Panticosa

It is divided into three sectors, Selva Verde, Petrosos and Sabocos, all interconnected between them. It also offers the possibility of going down to the town. Only the days of good snow on a long 4 kilometers trail; the only negative point, this trail is usually not trodden and therefore the snow conditions are very varied.

Panticosa is a ski resort that cares and is characterized by the care, preparation and treading of the slopes. It has a complete installation of modern artificial snow machines, ensuring up to 16 km covered with snow in the most important points of the resort. These systems guarantee the practice of skiing, even if the snow accumulation is scarce.

It has a total of 35 skiable kilometers, distributed in 41 tracks of different levels, always thinking of the skier. There is a beginners zone, with magic carpets for bigger comfort. The trails of this resort run through the Sabocos Valley, 2220 m above sea level; the highest altitude area in Panticosa is placed at an area with unparalleled landscape beauty, as it is surrounded by the most beautiful mountains.

At the same time, the snow garden has a magic carpet; so the little ones can take their first steps in the snow. Always having the comfort of the skier on mind, a transport works daily that makes the journey through all the establishments to the very base of the slopes, it is a free service.

Panticosa, activities after skiing

The new multi-activity area of Panticosa is ideal for all families, where you can make descents on donuts, snow bikes and groupal and individual sledges.

The new direct access road to the resort parkings, the large capacity of these and the modern 8-seater gondola, ensures the access to the slopes to be quick and comfortable for the skier. Although hotels and accommodations are located at the very Panticosa ski resort.

In summer this place is particularly wonderful for all those who come to enjoy nature and the mountains. Both experts and newbies in hiking and climbing, would find in the surroundings a fantastic location to perform their favorite sport. The numerous peaks that exceed 3.000 meters high or the rocks with beautiful views, are just an incentive to travel there and stroll through this village of Tena Valley.

From the Spa, there are several trails that bring the mountaineer to the many ions (mountain lakes) and peaks, as well as a France port once used by smugglers who negotiated with the neighboring Bearn Valley. As examples of important peaks are Infiernos, Argualas, Peña Blanca or Peña Telera.

We are talking about numerous alternatives to skiing and mountain, such as fishing, cycling, canyoning, jogging … Activities available almost trhough all year at the resort. In the recent years, two high-level races take place in the valley: one is the “Puyada” that leaves the village and reaches the ski slopes, trough a  1000 meters vertical drop, and the other is “Panticosa-Sallent stony race”  (about 8 kilometers).

Both are the meeting point for the best athletes from nearby, from Spanish militaries to French triathletes. Although this does not take away the incentive and desire of many popular runners who are encouraged to participate at their own pace.

Within the Aramón group

Belonging to the Aramón group, in recent seasons huge amounts of money have been invested to expand and modernize the network of ski lifts, artificial snow machines and trails; becoming a benchmark in terms of modernity of facilities and resort design.

The Formigal-Panticosa union is a proposal aimed mainly to those who stay several days, which places the Tena Valley as a great winter holiday destination with 176 kilometers of slopes in 6 valleys.

In order for skiers to have more comfortable access, both stations will be connected by a ski-bus, which will connect Formigal with Panticosa and vice versa each ski day. The service will be free and will circulate continuously from 8.30 am in the morning until 17.30 pm in the afternoon with a stop in Escarrilla. This service is extended over the weekend with more buses.