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France | Región: Southern Alps

Orcières 1850 offers a rare alchemy between Alps of South and Alps of north with its huge natural areas.

This ski resort is totally functional and keeps a warm welcome. Located near Ecrins’ national park at 1850m of altitude, Orcières is alpine in its mountain roots. Surrounded by apices of 4000 metres and more, Orcières is a skiing area peaks at 2725m.

Alps of South is one of the rare skiing resort which offers such amazing altitudes and hills with varied hills. In the center of a ski area reachable by beginners.

You will find a snowpark of 16000m2 to 2280m of altitude, innovative ski lifts with 3 Télémix, a boarder-skier cross, a downhill stope, a stadium of slalom and some playful ski hills.

Orcières offers many activities like a village of igloos on Rocherousse’s plateau of altitude, routes for cross-country skiing, sledge rides or itineraries in snowshoes.

The winter of 2014 sees the replacement of ski lifts with 2 seats of Lacs by a new ski lift with 6 seats : the one of Estaris. Orcières 1850 reinforces the acces of the domain of altitude.