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Truth is, given the ski culture and the abundant ski resorts that exist in Europe, Europeans tend to go skiing always to the same destinations. But, despite everything, Japan is a destination whose notoriety is undoubtedly increasing, with large numbers of growth in tourism in this Asian country. This is because Japan has numerous ski resorts (more than 400, which makes it the second country with more resorts worldwide, after the United States) and with a snow of a very special quality.

The most notable ski resort or ski resorts is the Niseko United complex, which is made of 5 ski resorts on the mountain range of Niseko Annapuri at 1308m of altitude. Only 100km away from Sapporo, Niseko Annapuri is the eastern mountain range of Niseko’s volcanic group. Because of the meteorological conditions of this country, snowfalls are important during some months in winter and they offer huge snow layers.

Japanese people often boast about having the purest and lightest snow in the world. The ski resort has many equipments : ski lifts, cable cars, gondola lifts, … which will comfortably take you to the top of the resort. Bad weather doesn’t rhyme with bad visibility : in Niseko, the skiable domain offers many pistes crossing forests in order not to be disoriented, unlike some ski resorts in North America or Europe.

Niseko is made of 5 different ski resorts : Annapuri, Higashiyama, Hirafu, Hanazono and Moiwa. The ski pass SkiJapan.com gives access to 4 resorts out of 5 excepted for Moiwa which is a smaller tourist complex on the west side of Annapuri. Hirafu is a nice place to dwell providing an easy access to Annapuri, Higashiyama and Hanazono. But Japan is not only about skiing ! You can enjoy the richness of its gastronomy and its culture. At the Onsens (“hot springs” in Japanese), thermal baths are almost sacred and there you will enjoy massages and relaxing baths. Great after a day spent on the pistes ! The ski resort offers many hotels, restaurants, bars and shops. If you want to live a complete experience, you can take part in trips to Sapporo including the annual ice festival, the coastal town called Otaru or Hirafu’s cultural activities. A unique experience in a country full of authentic natural wonders and exceptional ski resorts.