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Puerto de Navacerrada ski resort is placed less than an hour from the Spanish capital.”Sierra de Guadarrama”, on the outskirts of Madrid, is home of one of the most renowned ski resorts in Spain.

It is an area with great natural environment and landscape value, endowed with great biodiversity and ecological richness. Truly is a nature gift, which brings the amazing opportunity to enjoy skiing a few kilometres from Madrid or Segovia.

In the heart of the ”Sierra de Guadarrama”, snow sport lovers can meet at the ski resort. A special location for every mountain lover, 65 kilometers from the capital of the country. This ski resort is intended for all the family, with the distinction of accumulating a light and soft snow, which you will find hard to forget.

Big part of the territory has been included in a National Park (”Sierra de Guadarrama” National Park) since 2013, and is home to many native species; mountain goats, imperial eagles, black vultures, or the Elizabethan butterfly.

A real privilege for mountain and snow lovers, not only because of its proximity but also because of the special setting in which it is located.

This family-sized ski resort sometimes offers a ‘Champagne Snow’ in Navacerrada, which is hard to forget.

Image: ski slopes map of the Puerto de Navacerrada ski resort. The illustration does not correspond to the official map and is an interpretation made by the I LOVE SKI team.

Since 2013, a large part of the territory has been included in the Sierra de Guadarrama National Park and is home to a very special fauna, such as the mountain goat, the Iberian imperial eagle, the black vulture and the Elizabethan butterfly in the area closest to Peguerinos.

The environmental cataloguing of the territory is extensive:

  • Cuenca Alta del Manzanares Regional Park
  • Regional Park of Spain (1985)
  • World Network of Biosphere Reserves
  • Site of Community Importance (SCI)

The natural environment in which we will be skiing is already clear, it is superb and needs protection and respect, but now we are going to focus on the Puerto de Navacerrada ski resort.

Skiing and snow in Navacerrada

The Puerto de Navacerrada ski resort is located on the border between the Autonomous Community of Madrid and the Autonomous Community of Castilla León.

On one side there is a wide slope that can be accessed by a four-seater chairlift, and on the other, a 314-metre slope that can be descended while enjoying the magnificent views of a National Park. Views to recommend? Those offered by the ‘Pala de montañeros‘ or ‘Guarramillas I and II‘.

In the same sector of the Puerto de Navacerrada ski resort, you can enjoy a hot drink or snack lunch at the top of the domain. You can also enjoy superb views of Madrid and Segovia in a natural environment where the ‘Maliciosa‘ mountain stands out.

The resort acts as a real ‘ski nursery‘ and has 6 chairlifts, the two main ones being 4-seater chairlifts named ‘Guarramillas‘ and ‘Bosque‘.

Navacerrada has also hosted several competitions, among which we have to highlight the ITRA SKI CUP, an event in which the children are the main characters.

estación esquí Puerto Navacerrada

Sustainable development of the Navacerrada ski resort

The Cercedilla town council has submitted a candidacy with a


with the collaboration and co-financing of the Community of Madrid. This initiative aims to ensure that the Spanish tourism model contributes to the fulfilment of the SDGs (Sustainable Development Goals).

The plan is mainly based on actions to improve regional mobility at the access to the Puerto de Navacerrada. Through the creation of park-and-ride car parks, the aim is to improve public transport and reduce the CO2 footprint.

If selected, this plan would run from 2020 to 2022. It would also be supported by the Secretary of State for Tourism, with co-funding from Cercedilla town council and the Community of Madrid.

Unforgettable experiences in Navacerrada

Enjoy a unique snowshoeing experience in Madrid staying in a fantastic rural accommodation in the Sierra.

Discover an incredible experience with Snowshoes

With this incredible experience, you will be able to enjoy the Puerto de Navacerrada and get to know the landscapes of the Guadarrama Mountains.

The starting point of this excursion is the Schmid Trail, which takes us to Siete Picos. This 5-hour route will allow us to enjoy its lush pine forests, the best preserved of the Central System and the great beauty of its passages.

Image: snowshoeing on the trails near the Puerto de Navacerrada ski resort.

The Puerto de of Navacerrada is not only limited to winter activities, but can also be enjoyed to its fullest in other seasons of the year.

It is the ideal mountain pass for hiking routes thanks to its pleasant climate and the stunning scenery of the mountains of Madrid.

Image: Puerto de Navacerrada in summer (Source: https://gacetinmadrid.com)

Another of our alternatives is to combine hiking with the tourist chairlift. We can choose between two different routes. The Cuerda Larga route, which starts at the Puerto de Navacerrada and ends at the Port of Morcuera. Or the route of the source of the Manzanares River, to admire the area of the Ventisquero de la Condesa where water springs are found.

Hotels in Navacerrada

Las Rozuelas Rural Hotel *****

Located in Cercedilla, this hotel is a fantastic option. Whether for couples, for families or even to take a break and enjoy it on your own.

You can enjoy free parking and free wifi, including breakfast. Bicycle hire is also available so guests can visit the Church of San Sebastian, a popular attraction in Cercedilla.

To help make your stay even cosier, it includes a jacuzzi, books, DVD and music for the younger guests, minibar, flat-screen TV, free courtesy items…

As you have been able to see, all the comforts at your fingertips, added to the fact that it is near the Navacerrada Ski Resort, will make the most of your stay.

Image: Las Rozuelas Rural Hotel (Source: TripAdvisor.es)

Hacienda los Robles Hostel ***

Rural hotel of 3 oak leaves category. It is located in the village of Navacerrada, 1km from the centre, so you can get there easily.

A 7,500 square metre property with a large backyard, outdoor swimming pool, children’s playground, spa, gym, tennis courts, restaurant and cafeteria. And for the party animals, there is even a pub. If you want a little more peace and quiet or if in need of access to a working space, there are also meeting rooms as well as free wifi.

It is suitable for children, couples, people who come to unwind yet have to work at certain times, young people who come to enjoy themselves, etc. The ideal place for you.

Image: Hostal Hacienda los Robles Hostel (Source: TripAdvisor.es)

Casona de Navalmedio ****

Casona de Navalmedio, a wonderful choice for travellers visiting Cercedilla. It offers a romantic atmosphere and numerous services to enhance your stay, close to the Navacerrada Ski Resort

It has a 24-hour reception to attend to all your needs. Guests can also benefit from a swimming pool and restaurant.

For travellers who own a car, free parking is available. As well as free wifi and breakfast included. Families can also have fun with activities for the younger guests.

The greatest feature of this hotel is that they accept pets, so you can come accompanied with them without any hassle.

Image: Casona de Navalmedio (Source: TripAdvisor.es)

✅ Nearby attractions within 0.5 km: the Ski Museum, San Sebastian Church, the Light Factory, “Aventura Amazonia” and the Equestrian Centre.

✅ Bus and train services, avoiding the need to take your own car.

✅ Ski rental facilities, a ski school and restaurants at the foot of the resort.

✅ Close proximity to large urban centres.

✅ Ideal for beginners and intermediate skiers.

✅ The Bosque piste is considered by many to be the best red piste in the Central System due to its difficulty, views and singular beauty.

The best slopes in the Puerto de Navacerrada Ski Resort

Undoubtedly, these two lifts give us access to the two most representative pistes of the Segovia and Madrid mountain ranges.

The Bosque piste stands out for its great length, with a descent of over 800 metres and a gradient of almost 200 metres.

The orientation of the piste is very good, accumulating large amounts of snow that is reinforced by the artificial snowmaking systems on the edges of the slopes.

This slope crosses the famous ‘Smith’s Trail’ that so many hikers and pedestrians frequent throughout the year and that goes all the way to Cercedilla, so it will be necessary to be extremely careful in this crossing area.

When descending the piste through the middle of a forest, the skier’s sensation is completely immersive. To be skiing in a white landscape just 65 kilometres away from a city of over 6.5 million people is quite remarkable, to say the least.

estación esquí Puerto Navacerrada
Image: views of the upper area of the resort from the Telégrafo chairlift

The Puerto de Navacerrada ski resort has all the basic services that we can find in any snow destination: equipment rental, cafeterias, ski schools and a large car park that we will find in the surrounding area.

Keep an eye out for promotions and offers that make skiing in the mountains of Madrid quite affordable and convenient.

Thanks to the improvements in the Puerto de Navacerrada, access by private vehicle or public transport is becoming faster and more convenient, as long as we avoid the crowds at weekends and on public holidays.

The resort is surrounded by natural landmarks, such as the Barranca valley, Siete Picos and Corda Larga, and the source of the Manzanares river.

A place to discover for all snow lovers visiting Segovia or Madrid during the winter.

When to visit Navacerrada Ski Resort to indulge yourself in snow sports?

Although you normally have to wait until January to be able to go down the slopes, some years, you can ski in Puerto de Navacerrada during the Immaculate Bank Holiday period, with the 2019-2020 season breaking records by opening the resort in November.

On 3 April 2021, the concession for part of the Puerto de Navacerrada ski resort will expire and its land will have to be returned to the Public Forestry Domain. The 7.6 hectares of land affected correspond to the lower part of the ski resort, where the Telégrafo, Escaparate and Bosque pistes are located. Let’s save the Puerto de Navacerrada!

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