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Located in the south of Jura’s mountain range, only 10km away from Geneva, Monts Jura defines itself as a unique ski resort, 4 villages and 4 skiable domains. 3 villages are located in the mountain (Mijoux, Lélex, Chézery-Forens) in the Valserine Valley and the last one is in the plain (Crozet) ; they are all at the heart of the tourist plan organised by the Mixed Federation of Monts Jura.

There are 3 alpine skiable domains (Lélex-Crozet, Mijoux-la Faucille et Menthières) with different characteristics and one exceptional nordic domain (La Vattay – Valserine), dedicated to cross-country skiing and snowshoeing.

Lélex-Crozet’s site is completely dedicated to alpine skiers ! Its runs offer the biggest domain and the biggest difference in height in the Jura’s mountain range ! In the Valserine Valley, you will find Lélex’s village and on the other side, you can reach Crozet. This site offers you 26 pistes on 30km, 120 snow cannons and 15 ski lifts including 2 telecabins : queues don’t exist anymore !

Mijoux is a village where there are many things to do : alpine skiing starts at Mijoux by taking the chair lift called Valmijoux to reach Col de la Faucille and the rest of the domain where 10 pistes appear… Nordic skiing is accesible from the village where 3km of demarcated pistes wait for you (La Valserine, connected with La Vattay’s site).

La Vattay-Valserine’s site is dedicated to nordic skiing with more than 150km of pistes where you can practice either skating or alternative styles. La Vattay is renowned thanks to the variety and the quality of its runs from green to black, for all levels. In Mijoux, a groomed piste enables to discover the pleasure of descents, and you can also reach Mijoux’s village.

The site of Menthières in the municipality of Chézery-Forens joined Monts Jura’s ski resort in 2006. At 15km away from Bellegarde and 20km away from Lélex, this hamlet will provide you with a typical atmosphere from the Jura : a rolling plateau and an horeazon with spruces as far as the eye can see.