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It is in the heart of the Jura mountains where the French department Haut Doubs takes root and where we also find the Métabief ski resort. Through sumptuous, colorful and diverse landscapes you will discover the villages and surroundings of Métabief, Malbuisson, and les Fourgs, serene in either winter or summer. Its terrain is a typical Jurassic relief adorned with sumptuous fir forests as far as the eye can see. Its picturesque valleys and pastures are occupied during the summer by the peaceful Montbéliardes (species of cow specifc to the region)! This truely is one of the best terrains to ski in France.

Founded in 1953 in the city of Métabief by Maurice Lagier, Roger Maire and Xavier Authier, the Métabief ski resort quickly gained importance in the 60s, 70s and 80s, both in terms of infrastructure and notoriety. More recently, 2005, marked the beginning of a new era at the resort with the launch of the Morond detachable chairlift, which is intended to show the resort’s commitment to a new generation of skiers. Nowadays, the resort is constantly improving, which is why on 2019 it had an attendandce redord.

If you want even more motivation to visit, here is an article where you will find 5 reasons to ski in Métabief. Also, there are special discounts if you are a loyal customer of the station, which is great for ski lovers. In addition, you cannot miss their special activities that they do as an exception, like the time where you could ski for 15€ as long as you were wearing a costume!

An idyllic place to enjoy with friends or family it’s one of the most important stations in the French Jura, which you can discover either skiing or with their marked treks. The Métabief resort will show you the opposite, thanks to its marked, maintained and monitored trails, classified by color and level of difficulty.

The Métabief ski area is made up of three sectors:

The Métabief sector:

It comprises some of the longest slopes of the Métabief ski resort. You can find a great variety of trails and activities for skiers and snowboarders of all levels: green, blue, red or black. For experienced skiers, we recommend descending the famous Reversal: a fast and direct connection guaranteed from the summit to the heart of the resort! In the Snowpark, you can give your skiing a touch of freestyle! There you can perform all the craziest moves while in complete safety. 

The Super Longevilles sector:

This wooded hillside is exposed to the west. With friends or family, you can enjoy its great white spaces, or glide between fir trees on groomed trails or in the valleys of virgin snow. Ideal for all avid skiers who like to immerse themselves in nature and want to enjoy generous sun all afternoon. 

The Piquemiette area:

The Métabief ski resort borders Switzerland. The Piquemiette area is located at the foot of the Mont d’Or cliffs.  This area contains large slopes coupled with abundant snow, guaranteed by its exposure to the east. It’s a savage area with ideal steep slopes where you can try hard turns, and really open the nose of your skis for maximum velocity.

The Métabief ski resort is a unique snow holiday destination, offering wide trials for all levels whilst providing an intimate atmosphere amidst the snow and the mountains. There you can relax and enjoy skiing in complete placidity, avoiding the large crowds.

It is also a great destination during the summer to practice all kinds of sports, including cycling and mountain biking. Métabief truly is one of the best resorts to ski in France.