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Masella is an alpine ski resort located on the northern slope of the Tosa d’Alp, south of Baja Cerdanya, in the province of Girona, opened in 1967. It has one of the largest artificial snow systems in Cerdanya. There is also a ski and snowboard school with a quality and capacity according to the great importance of the ski resort. There are several restaurants and cafes located in cores and next to the slopes. In the center of Masella there is also a material rental shop, hotel, kindergarten, etc.

La estación de esquí de Masella

The layout of the station is vertical, with the “Cap del Bosc” (2,150 m) forming the backbone and joined by the upper part of the Tosa. On both sides of this we can sight Coma Pregona to the east and Coma Oriola to the west. At the end of the latter (at an altitude of 1,950m) there is a secondary service area (including a ski pass sales office) and a car park.

Linked to La Molina, by means of the Alp 2500 cable car, it forms a ski area of 145km, very varied and complete, which will delight everyone, regardless of their skiing level.

Masella is one of the most beautiful resorts in the Pyrenees. The reasons for its beauty are varied, but it stands out especially for its forest in the lower part of the resort, its northern orientation, which blesses it with copious snowfalls every season, and its location in the eastern Pyrenees, which allows visitors to enjoy plenty of sunny days.

This is a favourite weekend destination for many Catalans. That is why it is more advisable to go during the week, to avoid queues, haste, and to leave stress aside. We will be able to enjoy a varied domain, with long slopes, adapted to all levels and with a quite respectable offer of services.

Layout of the runways

It has a multitude of slopes of various levels, although its 22 red slopes and 9 black slopes are particularly interesting for skiers looking for strong sensations and steep slopes.

The upper part of La Tossa is very popular with experienced skiers looking for the sensations of speed and steep slopes. With the name of Coma Pregona (red piste), and the various black pistes that go down to Coma Oriola stand out for their level and beauty.

The lower part of the resort is probably the most beautiful and offers the most possibilities. In the Pia area, the newest part of the resort and at the same time the least crowded, you will find one of the most beautiful blue pistes in the Pyrenees. Long, wide and with a very varied route, it is known as ” Familiar” and goes down to the base of the Pla de Masella. In the Pia sector there are several red runs and a black one, as well as a blue one called “Rovellons”, which are both beautiful and not very long.

The central area of the resort is very suitable for beginners, with long blue runs that are very well signposted and will allow you to develop your gliding skills. “Plana” stands out for its length and simplicity and “Enamorats” for its beauty without being difficult.

For off-piste, it is not a very suitable resort, although it offers interesting high areas and possibilities for beginners in powder snow near the marked pistes.

Masella’s unique features

Its highest point is La Tosa at 2535m, from where we can descend the slopes. On the other hand, its lowest point is at 1600m, at Pla de Masella. A resort with a great tradition of alpine skiing and competition, which offers a total of 18 lifts, 5 of which are chairlifts, 7 ski lifts, 2 cable cars and 4 conveyor belts.

The resort has 3 different entrances, Pla de Masella, Coma Oriola and La Pia. These, in turn, can be subdivided into two sectors: the lower part, with trees and mostly fairly accessible pistes, and the upper part with the summit at La Tossa at 2,535 metres, with more technical pistes, without vegetation and, above all on days when the conditions are not very favourable, very exposed to the wind.

A very important aspect is that it is a modern resort, designed so that anyone who gets on a lift can go down the piste to the base. Thus, there are blue pistes everywhere, allowing the inexperienced skier to get to the bottom, safe and sound, gliding over the snow.

Sustainable development of the ski resort of Masella

Lower Cerdanya is one of the most biodiverse areas in Europe, blessed with more than 3,000 hours of sunshine a year. A landscape that has been transformed and shaped since ancient times by humans who have lived in harmony with nature, creating their own identity within the Pyrenees.

That is why the area around the Masella ski resort is an area where sustainable development has been on the rise in recent years.

One of the successful examples of active sustainability in the area was made possible thanks to TipiCerdanya with the collaboration and involvement of local schools and sports organisations.

Together they created a Christmas tree made from recycled plastic bottles. A collaborative plastic bottle collection initiative to raise awareness, among children and adults, about the impact of plastic bottles on the environment and the volume of plastic we generate.

Christmas tree made of plastic bottles – Source: Cedanya Tipis

We want to continue skiing and celebrating Christmas for many years to come!

Unforgettable experiences in Masella

Night skiing in Masella

In the 2013/2014 season, the resort launched night skiing with the floodlighting of some of the slopes, making it one of the only resorts in the Pyrenees to offer this possibility.

The floodlighting of the runways with high-powered spotlights has not been without controversy, as this activity has caused a serious impact due to light pollution. This prevents the fauna from resting and has a significant visual impact. In any case, the activity ceases at 9pm and only takes place on two days a week, only during six weeks of the winter.

In addition to night skiing, in recent years the trends at the Masella ski resort have travelled back in time. The most ancient form of skiing, the Telemark, is back with a big comeback. Originating in Norway in the 19th century, it differs from alpine skiing in that the skier keeps the heel loose and performs a genuflection with the inside leg in each turn.

Image: man practising the Telemark – Source: masella.com

It is known by some experts and practitioners of this modality that it gives a greater sensation of freedom and buoyancy on virgin snow. Its followers define themselves with the motto “free heel, free mind”.

Masella mountain resort in summer

During the summer, the Masella ski resort offers a new thrill on the mountain.

This exciting activity consists of using Segways to stroll and have fun on the routes and circuits, which can vary from 15 minutes to 2 hours. This electric and ecological two-wheeled vehicle allows users to explore nature while having fun.

This activity is suitable for children from the age of 7 up to the most adventurous adults. There is the possibility of doing several routes with different levels of difficulty, which will make this sport an excellent option for both families and couples.

Image: Segway tour – Source: lamolina.cat

The Escobairó Play Area is a wooded area for picnics and attractions for the little ones, with slides and trapezes. It is an idyllic place to have lunch or a snack with the family, while enjoying the coolness and shade provided by the pine trees in summer.

This play area is surrounded by a black pine forest and green meadows, providing visitors with an unbeatable setting.

Image: Escobeiró play area – Source: masella.com

Hotels in Masella

Sercotel Abrigall Masella

The Sercotel Abrigall Masella is a mountain hotel aimed at families, school groups or simply to enjoy nature or skiing in Masella.

The hotel also offers meeting rooms to hold events or to disconnect after a long day of skiing.

At the Sercotel Abrigall Masella you will find a peaceful space with all the basic services covered, such as: bar, TV room and a reading/games room.

You can also enjoy the hotel restaurant “Xup Xup” with an open buffet and a maximum capacity for 250 people.

Masella 1600 Apartments ****

The Masella 1600 Apartments are 22 flats located at the foot of the Masella ski resort. This is where you can enjoy the best snow sports in an exceptional setting to enjoy both with family and friends.

It is a building decorated in a modern and mountain style, equipped with all the necessary services and comforts to guarantee any type of guest a fantastic experience.

Cerdanya EcoResort ****

If your number one priority when choosing where to stay is sustainability rather than proximity to the slopes, this is the resort for you! Cerdenya EcoResort is a family business with values that have been passed down from generation to generation. The main objective of the resort is to be as respectful as possible with the environment.

This accommodation not only invites visitors to adopt an eco-responsible attitude, but also offers a wide range of amenities both inside and outside the resort:

  • Free parking
    Outdoor and indoor swimming pool
    Paddle tennis courts
    In-room fireplace
    Nursery service

Skiing in Masella : the resort’s main strengths

✅ The ski resort with the longest ski season, with the best snow due to its northern orientation.

✅ Masella has the steepest gradient in the Eastern Pyrenees (935 metres).

✅ It has the most modern ski lifts and snowmaking facilities in Lower Cerdanya.

✅ Ski area of 145 kilometres (adding the kilometres of the neighbouring resort of La Molina) offering one of the largest ski areas in the Pyrenees.

✅ The modern network of 33 ski lifts has the capacity to transport 43,590 skiers per hour.

✅ Along with the resort of La Molina, it has 132 pistes (29 green, 42 blue, 44 red and 17 black).