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esquiadores disfrutando de la nieve en la estación de esquí Manzaneda. Fuente Wikipedia CC
Spain | Región: Cantabrian Mountains

Manzaneda is a small ski resort aimed to families and for those who want to enjoy a quiet ski. It is nestled in a large pine forest with more than 2000 ha which gives it enormous beauty, especially in winter. Although it does not have a wide extension of trails (17 km), it offers beautiful paths, off-tracks through the pine trees forest, reserved to connoisseurs of the area. It has numerous marked routes for hiking and mountain biking that run around the core of the resort.

Manzaneda ski resort location

Also affectionately called Cabeza de Manzaneda, it is located in the eastern part of Orense (Spain), between the villages of Manzaneda and Puebla de Trives. It is currently the only ski resort in Galicia. Take advantage of the north and east slopes of the highest summit of the Orensano Central Massif, known by the locals as Cabeza Grande (1780 meters above sea level).

It is located 18 km from Puebla de Trives, where it is accessed by a local road. It is 90 km from Orense city, 100 km from Ponferrada, 180 km from Vigo or Santiago de Compostela and 280 km from Porto (Portugal). The improvement of communications in Orense and northern Portugal has made more accesible for the Portuguese to visit the station, so expect a big influx.

Manzaneda Resort history

The practice of skiing in Galicia began in the 30s in the mountains of the  Valdeorras region, border with Orense and the provinces of Zamora and León. One feature, the remoteness of this area led to Galician enthusiasts, especially from Vigo and Orense, to soon keep their sights at the mountains of the central massif. The northern slope of the Queija mountain range, accessible by foot from the town of Puebla de Trives, presented some specific characteristics of snow accumulation that made skiing possible.

Already in the 50s some enthusiasts embarked on an exhausting journeys of several hours to Trives. They would slept there and the next day they climb by foot along the paths of shepherds, from the town (750 m above sea level) to the 1450 m summit, where the first slopes suitable for skiing were located; in order to enjoy the pleasure of descents on the snowy meadows.

In the mid 90s, the activities offer is diversified. A modern covered multisport pavilion is built in the snow. In the early 2000s the access road from Trives is improved and two modern chairlifts are acquired. This helped renew the lifters, like the mythical Manzaneda chairlift that had provided its service continuously for 30 years.


Come now and start skiing

It offers 23 homologated trails for alpine skiing with various difficulties; a 5km circuit for cross-country skiing (without stepping on); and a Snowpark (XabaPark) with different modules.

The ski lifts are 4 ski lifts and two modern four-seater and six-seater detachable chairlifts that allow 7.600 skiers / hour to move.

It has a ski school, for those who want to start or improve their technique and also has a renewed ski and snowboard equipment rental service.

The environment and the 2.000hectare forest that surround the station, from 1.500 to 1.800 meters build an incomparable setting, with tourist and restauration facilities.

During winter and summer, you can practice your favorite sports, with all the comforts of a complete resort.


For hiking and cycling lovers

There are numerous marked routes for hiking and mountain biking that run through the forest around the core of the resort. Among them, the Curros Route stands out; a route about 20 km that allows you to visit the shelters used by the shepherds in the highest area of the mountains, for both them and their flocks, during the summer season.

In last couple of years an important investment has been made in its bike park (circuits prepared for the descent by mountain bike). But the rest of the services have not been neglected: modifying the pool to create a spa with thermal circuit, improving its restauration facilities, both at the base of the Station and the cafeteria on the slopes, as well as the construction and commissioning of a Giant Zip Line and a Multiadventure Park.

Much more than skiing in Manzaneda

If you are a winter sports lover, at the Manzaneda Mountain resort you will find an incomparable setting to ski or practice snowboard at more than 1.500 meters high. But the activity at the Manzaneda mountain resort does not stop when the snow is gone. The fantastic location along with its well-maintained sports facilities also allow the practice of activities such as hiking, mountaineering, climbing (climbing wall), archery, paintball, etc. In addition to several ski trails, the Manzaneda Mountain Station has multiple facilities and sports equipment such as grass soccer fields, tennis courts, go-kart circuit, horse riding, mountain biking, heated pool, outdoor sports court, multipurpose covered pavilion with gym, giant zip line, multi adventure park and spa.

It was one of the first ski resorts in Spain to bet on offering activities during summer, as well as winter. A wide range of activities to enjoy the mountain any time of the year.

Visit the surroundings

The geographical location of the station is ideal for visiting the eastern part of the province of Orense, the region of Bierzo and northern Portugal. Traveling very few kilometers we have a wide range of tourist destinations such as:

  • Los Cañones del Sil (Canyons of the River Sil)
  • The Nova route, a Roman road of secondary character, that allows to follow the traces of the Romans passing through the Trajan bridge over the Bibey River. Approaching the gold farms of Montefurado or Las Médulas with its impressive excavations.
  • The wine regions of Valdeorras, Ribeira Sacra and Monterrey.
  • Nearby mountainous areas of Trevinca, Enciña de Lastra and the O Invernadeiro Natural Park with special protection.
  • Medieval villages of Castro Caldelas and Manzaneda, the monastery of Montederramo and Puebla de Trives.
  • The Chandreja de Queija reservoir.