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Madrid Snow Zone – Indoor

Esquiando en Madrid SnoZone durante el mes de noviembre 2021.

Madrid SnowZone it’s the only snow track in Spain with hall and the biggest in Southern Europe, located in the Xanadú Shopping centre.

These facilities offers the opportunity of practicing your favorite sport 365 days a year. With 18,000 m2 dedicated exclusively to snow, a main 25º degrees slope raises 250 meters long and 55 meters wide where you can perfect your technique.

Madrid SnowZone: a ski slope in Madrid

We can find in Madrid the only indoor ski slope in all Spain. Placed in the leisure and shopping center Xanandú, just 15 minutes from the city, opens 365 days a year.

Madrid SnowZone is meant for those who are starting in the snow, or for those who want to start in the snow. Skiers and snowboarders would fell like home. Together with the main slope, there is another small slope with 100 meters long and 40 meters wide, perfect for start skiing.


Why learning to ski in Madrid?

Indoor ski slopes are mainly frequented by children all ages, so the families can experience snow and skiing without travelling to the mountains. With these previous and controlled experiences, the kids learn to internalize the sensations and experiences in a safe artificial environment.

This help the kids also by exposing them to tougher weather conditions, but also makes it easier for the families without having to face any other setback.

Madrid SnowZone is a skier company efficiently managed

During the 2016 winter season, the company raised its income by 17%, compared to the last records by summer 2015. Despite the rumors, the facilities were not sold by 500 million euros.

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This translates in more than 45000 visitors during the summer season (June, July and August). The facilities also hold national and international skier trainings, with competitions organized by FMDI and RFEDI.

To access this slope we have a ski lift and a chairlift with capacity for 4 people. For the small slope, we find another ski lift and a magic carpet. This makes Madrid SnowZone the perfect place to acquire the basics to be able to spend some time in the main slope.

Madrid SnowZone and its activities in the snow

In addition to the tracks, they have a dynamic snow park with different distributions thanks to railings, drawers and other modules to delight all those who whant to approach this incredible ”indoor mountain”.

Thanks to the rental shops and ski schools you won’t be needing any material; you can just rent your equipment and clothing, which turns out to be necessary since the interior of this covered snow mountain is about -2ºC in order to keep the snow in perfect condition.

If you want to reach the heights of this facility, you can climb the zip line to reach them very quickly while flying over the main slope.

Pista de esquí en Madrid – Madrid SnoZone by I LOVE SKI

It opens every day of the year, except when maintaining and remodeling works take place. The most recent one, from summer 2019, was made in order to improve the service and experience of the visitor.

Madrid SnowZone also has takes part in solidarity actions, such as the last initiative achieved together with a food bank. Another event, focused for journalist, takes place every year, which put a spotlight on the facilities.

One of the most convenient pro’s of this indoor ski is the chance of getting ready for the snow in a few minutes, and also ready to be back in the street. You can bring your own snow outfit and use one of the lockers, or you can rent anything you need. As pointed earlier, with -2ºC the indoor is a cold place. There are also special offers available for the skier’s day, don’t miss out!

A recommended experience for all those who want to start in the snow world, in a safe environment where risks are limited and fun is maximum regardless of the weather or the lack of snow.