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Limone Piemonte is a ski resort located in North Western Italy, near the French border. It is one of the oldest ski stations, the first ski lift was built in 1937. But today this resort also called Riserva Bianca comprises 80 kilometers of slopes! In 2006 it held the winter Olympics, for the event the station and its facilities had be totally renewed to offer better services. It also held several national Championships, European Championship and even the Snowboard World Cup in 2007.

Limone Piemonte ski resort

The ski resort Limone Piemonte is famous for the off-piste skiing and offers boundless opportunities for experienced skiers and snowboarders, it features several off-piste bowls very accessible and perfect for Free riders. With a local guide challenge yourself and experience the off-piste skiing in the Italian Alps.

A snow park is also provided for Freestylers near the chairlift of Morel. And if you prefer racing with your friends, the resort opened in winter 2014 a very special slope called “Pancani” where you be time with the ‘Géant Chronométré’.

Limone Piemonte ski resort
Limone Piemonte ski resort – Source: https://www.facebook.com/limoneriservabianca/

Limone Piemonte Resort is also perfect for families with an area designed especially for children and you are sure that the ski school will take great care of them. Enjoy your holidays with family and friends at Limone Piemonte Resort!

The ski lift rich the summit of Mont Alpetta, at 2070 meters above the sea level and the view over the region is spectacular. From the peaks covered with snow, you can see the Mediterranean Sea on the horizon and some days, when the sky is clear, you may get a glimpse of Isle of Beauty.

Limone Piemonte ski resort
Limone Piemonte ski resort – Source: https://www.facebook.com/limoneriservabianca/

Sustainable development of the Limone Piemonte ski resort

The Riserva Bianca in Limone Piemonte is one of the most popular ski resorts among ski enthusiasts for the beauty of its slopes and the uniqueness of its landscapes.

Limone is a real pearl set between the Alps and the sea and here sustainability is the challenge for the future. The Riserva Bianca has taken up this challenge and

is committed to offering thrilling emotions on the snow, with a special focus on environmental protection.

In the Alpine Pearl in the province of Cuneo, the possibility of forgetting your car at home and spending your holiday in the snow in a 100% sustainable way is an easily achievable reality.

Throughout the winter season, in fact, in Limone Piemonte you can reach the slopes and you can move around the historic centre using only public transport. And for those who wish to arrive by electric car, there is a recharging station and others are being installed in the coming months.

Limone Piemonte ski resort
Bird’s eyeview of Limone Piemonte ski resort – Source: https://www.facebook.com/limoneriservabianca/

Unforgettable experiences in Limone Piemonte

Kite surfing in the snow in the Limone Piemonte ski resort!

Snowkiting or kite surfing in the snow, first arrived in Cuneo 15 years ago. The most popular spot for kiteboarders has been Colle della Maddalena, in the Limone Piemonte.

Nevertheless, being the most historical and therefore the most frequented spot does not automatically mean it is the best spot, and this is why Criminal Kite asd has selected Limone Piemonte as the ski resort for this innovative winter activity.

Limone Piemonte ski resort
Kitesurfing in the snow at the Limone Piemonte ski resort – Source: https://www.limoneturismo.it/

Monoskiing for people with reduced mobility with Sportabili Alba Association

This activity is made possible thanks to the many volunteers who work with the association during the winter season and support children and instructors during the descents.

The association provides all the tools for every type of impairment: monoski, Bisci ( brought directly from the United States, for adults and children, SportAbili is the only one in Italy to use these products), dualski, and stabilisers for the descent.

Limone Piemonte ski resort
Aided monoskiing at the Limone Piemonte ski resort – source: https://www.limoneturismo.it/

Limone Piemonte mountain resort in summer 

E-mountain biking at the Limone E-bike festival

Three days of full immersion in the marvellous world of the E-Bike, an absolute novelty that has rewritten the world of E-MTB without distorting its basic concept.

The great success of the E-Bike is precisely the immersion in nature within everyone’s reach: it allows experts and non-experts alike to admire dream panoramas, reach heights never thought possible before, cover kilometres and kilometres of dirt roads and paths with a minimum of effort.

However, E-Bikes don’t function on its, you have to pedal to make the tires go round! But with the help of the battery, you will be able to manage the effort, make it gradual and not stressful for the joints.

E-bike at Limone Piemonte – Source: https://www.solobike.it/

Visit “Napoleon’s Tunnel”

To understand the origins of what is now the Tenda Tunnel, one must descend to an altitude of 1,750 metres, along a diversion of the road down the Italian side of the Col.

A dark, cold, forked cavern, mistakenly known as “Napoleon’s Tunnel”, is what remains of the attempt, begun by Duke Carlo Emanuele I of Savoy in 1614, to build a tunnel to make the crossing of the pass safer.

Due to a lack of funds, the work was interrupted and towards the end of the 18th century, Victor Amadeus III tried to take the situation under control again, but without success.

Thanks to previous attempts, what we know today as the “Tenda Tunnel” was finally inaugurated in 1882 at an altitude of 1,321 metres, and it is a unique place to visit, with ice stalactites and stalagmites.

Napoleon’s Tunnel – Source: https://perlealpine.it/limone-insolita/

Hotels in Limone Piemonte

Bragard Hotel ***

This cosy 3-star hotel with mountain views is just adjacent to the Limone Piemonte sk resort.

Distinguished by wood-paneled walls and/or ceilings, the country-style rooms and suites offer complimentary Wi-Fi, flat-screen TVs and minibars, and sweeping mountain views. Some feature balconies, terraces and/or whirlpool tubs.

Free perks includes a breakfast buffet, a ski shuttle and borrowable bikes. A shooting-mansion-inspired restaurant boasts a fireplace.

There is a sauna, a hot tub and a cozy guest salon, plus a stone-walled wine cellar with red-brick ceilings. Further facilities consist of a furnished terrace in the backyard. Free on-site parking is available.

Bragard Hotel – Source: http://www.bragardhotel.com/en/

Albergo Edelweiss **

Well-being that you can see and feel, Well-being that you can experience and taste.

This lodge is a family run business that was built in 1961, is nestled in the Italian Alps, walking distance from the Limone Piemonte ski resort.

Its structure  is immersed in the pure wilderness of the Lepontine Alps, at the gateway to the Veglia Devero Nature Park, being the perfect place to start an adventure of rest and tranquillity.

Includes all necessary amenities for the comfort of your cosy stay.

Albergo Edelweiss – Source: https://www.albergoedelweiss.com/

Borgo Fantino Srl ****

The flats can accommodate from 2 to 6 people. The décor is simple and comfortable for a cosy and warm atmosphere that will make you feel at home.

The interiors have been designed to meet all your needs. You can choose between spacious studios with a kitchenette, which are perfect for couples, or larger flats with a loft or 2 guest bedrooms. There is a dishwasher, TV and Wi-Fi provided in each flat.

All apartments have a ski storage room and coin-operated laundry facilities in the common areas.

Located a short drive away from the Limone Piemonte ski resort.

Borgo Fantino Srl – Source: http://www.borgofantino.it/en/

Skiing in Limone Piemonte: the resort’s main strengths

✅ Located under 100km away from Nice, France.

✅ In 2006 it held the winter Olympics.

✅ Was completely renovated in 2006 so it could host the Olympics, and facilities seem brand new.

✅ Spending your holiday in the snow in a 100% sustainable way is an easily achievable reality in Limone Piemonte.

✅ It is home to 42 ski slopes divided through a ski domain of over 80km.