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France | Región: French Pyrenees

Les Angles is a ski resort in the French Pyrenees located in the Pyrénées-Orientales department in the Occitania region. The resort is placed in the Pyrénées Orientales (Occitania), in the commune of Angles, on the slopes of the Roc d’Aude-Mont Llaret massif, near Font-Romeu.

Les Angles ski resort features

The village of Les Angles frames a 55km ski domain in winter, two ski schools, and Nordic trails for snowshoeing and 40km hikers. In the center of village we find a bowling alley that we can visit when we cannot enjoy the slopes. Important modernization and conditioning works have been carried out both in the village and the resort.

The resort has adapted its infrastructure to accommodate an increasing flow of cyclists each year in summer; in particular with a bike area with downhill biking trails.

In 1961, 250 inhabitants lived in this small town, where agriculture and grazing were the main economic activities. Agriculture did not bring large incomes, and youth left the village seeking for more lucrative jobs. The village lost its main population. The municipal council, under the mandate of Paul Samson, makes the decision to invest in ski; an activity that eventually became profitable, attracted tourists and led to the creation of many jobs. The resort extends from Pla del Mir to Péborny.

The whole town became involved in the development of the resort. This city constantly invests in the development of skiing, as well as in its large ski area and in modern and innovative equipment. The success of this economic conversion turned out to be a great success.

Layout of the slopes in Les Angles

The great Les Angles ski area is divided into five sectors. In the lower part of the resort we find the main facilities aimed to learning and teaching skiing (snow garden, magic carpet, Bamby ski lift, toboggan stadium …). In this area we find the zone where other sectors converge, accessible from the Les Pèlerins gondola and the Jassettes chairlift.

The Pla del Mir sector, facing south, is a space essentially minded for children and beginners to learn to ski in complete safety (Collade, Faon and Marmotte green slopes). This sector holds trails of all levels, considered by many to be the most beautiful in the resort, as well as a safe play area on the green Chevreuil trail.

The Bigorre plateau is the central sector of the Angles ski area. Accessible through the Les Pèlerins gondola, it is the favorite area for intermediate level skiers.

Balcère, a bit further from the rest, has the most technical trails in Les Angles (1 red and 2 magnificent black trail traced through the pine forest).

The Costa Verde glacier cirque represents the Les Angles freeride area through 3 black slopes that are a pleasure for experienced skiers for its free open spaces.

Thanks to its 5 entry points to the ski area (Pla Del Mir, Baliu chairlift, Pèlerins gondola lift, Jassettes chairlift and the bottom of the station) Angles resort has choosen for agility when queuing at the ski lifts.

Les Angles is a resort to enjoy with all the family

Les Angles has an artificial snow production network made up of 363 high and low pressure snow cannons; ensuring a thick layer of snow on 21 km of slopes to cover 800 m of unevenness.

The sector of Costa Verde accessible by the Llaret chairlift, crossing Mont Roc d’Aude that ends up at 2325 m above sea level, extending to Costa Verde. Located in a natural environment, this new area provides a privileged area oriented to grand ski.

The snowpark “Lake Park” is a sustainable park laid out in the forest and respectful with the environment. Many modules for beginners and advanced skiers. (Rails, Wallride, Big Air, Tables, Jip …).

The play park “Le Desman” located on the hillside of Chevreuil offers a safe space to enjoy freestyle.

Open all year round, the animal park allows visitors to meet the great wild animals of the Pyrenees (bear, deer, fallow deer, wild boar, mouflon, mountain goat, isard, wolf, roe deer, marmot, reindeer, bison. ..).

Every weekend, the Rédéris de Banyuls Club and the Cap Cerbère diving club offer ice diving courses. Each year they are acquiring popularity, offering courses for beginners and confirmed divers in Bigorre Lake at 2107 m above sea level.

Events and activities scheduled throughout the year

Throughout the winter, the Angles resort holds various sporting, cultural or directly festive events, so animation is more than present during the season.

The Dépeche Pyrénées Snowboard Tour (end of January) is the Pyrenean meeting of Snowboarders and the emblematic event of the snowboard season.

The Monomitik, at the end of January, is an event that brings together monoskiers from all over the region, with a festive atmosphere and where everyone is welcome; as well as at the Glisse and OH festivals in March.

As a closing event, a macro festival is held at the Lake Park snowpark, the Last Ultima Freestyle.