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The ski resort of Leitariegos is a small resort that is located northwest of the province of León, more specifically in the region of Laciana (Biosphere Reserve) and near the border with the Principality of Asturias. Quiet, cozy, personalized attention to the customer and ideal for initiation in the sports of skiing, snowboarding and snow on the seven trails that run to the base of the Arbas Cueto, the first 2.000 of the Cantabrian Mountains in the west.

Location of Leitariegos

This ski resort in northern Spain is very well connected and has good access. More specifically, it is very close to Galicia and only 3 hours from Portugal. The natural environment that surrounds this ski resort is exceptional, allowing its visitors to enjoy very varied alternative routes on the Leonese and Asturian slopes. On the Leonese slope, the Valle Laciana – Leitariegos Ski Resort is 15 kms from Villablino (León) and 73 kms from Ponferrada. And on the Asturian side, it is 35 kms from Cangas del Narcea.

Estación de esquí Leitariegos

It is an ideal resort to start in white sport by the transition and progression of its tracks and perfect to improve the technique of this beautiful winter sport; since it has 68 snow cannons scattered throughout the resort, covering the entire unevenness and half of its domain.

Layout of its trails

Its tracks lie on the base of the Cueto de Arbás, the first 2.000 of the Cantabrian Mountains running from west to east. If the natural environment surrounding the resort is exceptional, the varied alternative routes available for the visitors in the Leon and Asturian slopes are one big consideration to be made.

The resort has a small hotel at its base and more than 1000 hotel beds available within a 35 kilometer radius. It has a school where ski, snowboard and snowshoe lessons are taught.

During the winter season, attracted by the gorgeus landscapes, there are many enthusiasts who come to these facilities to enjoy the snow in a very pleasant and familiar environment.

Pistas de esquí Leitariegos

Leitariegos has 6 ski lifts, 3 chairlifts and 3 lifts, which give access to a total of 11 trails, with more than 7 km of skiing. Artificial snow is an important asset of this resort, as it has 68 cannons spread over the entire slope and half of its domain. The heighs of the Leitariegos resort run between 1.513 meters and 1.800 meters of altitude. With varied tracks of all difficulties, specifically the resort has 7 kilometers of trails divided equally between tracks for beginners and tracks for middle skiers.

Leitariegos Ski School

The Official Leitariegos School main goal is to make your stay at the resort as comfortable as possible, since it has an online reservation system for classes, rentals and ski passes with Shop / Rental / Equipment Workshop at the very Port of Leitariegos. Also in Villablino, and here you will find all the information you need about the area: accommodation, activities, access, discounts … and the Ski Resort of Leitariegos in general. It offers office, customer service and reservation of ski and snowboard lessons, forfaits and snow equipment rental.

It was founded in the 2012/13 season with more than 10 years of experience in the snow world, with the only purpose of offering the winter sports practitioners of the resort a better service. Personalized and quality teaching from qualified Professionals, with means safe, modern and fun.

All of the professional team that form the EOL have an official qualification as Sports Technicians in Winter Sports in the different modalities: Alpine Skiing, Snowboarding, Telemark, Cross-Country Skiing, Cross-Country Skiing, Blind Skiing and Adapted Skiing to ensure the quality and experience of its services.

It was also a pioneer in teaching the team of teachers who form the School. Recycling courses, training in other modalities, such as Telemark… In order to update the staff in new techniques and especially teaching methodologies, completing the training of the teachers and training the best professionals.

Exploitation and development of the area

The León regional government assumes the costs of the Leitariegos resort. In order to inform visitors about quality commitments, we find at the facilities of this quiet, cozy ski resort, personalized and ideal for initiation in the sports of skiing and snowboarding. On seven trails that run trough the base of Cueto Arbas, the first 2.000 of the Cantabrian Mountains in the west. In addition to the different services provided at the resort, the visitor will have the possibility to enjoy the beauty of the landscape and make different routes that complete the attractiveness of the ski days.