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Le Reposoir is a small family ski resort. It is equipped with 5 snow cannons that cover most of the surface at the absence of snow. Ideal resort for children and adults who want to learn or do not want to miss their annual appointment with alpine skiing.

Layout of the slopes at Le Reposoir

The ski area extends over 2 sectors. In the town sector (980 m / 1100 m) we find 4 ski lifts and 1 cable rope that serve 5 trails (2 green – 1 blue – 2 red). A little further up, in the Chalet Neuf sector (1300 m / 1600m) 4 km from the town, we find 1 chairlift serving 2 trails (1 green – 1 blue).

For the kids (children from 4 to 5 years old), the Club Piou Piou teaches skiing while playing, in an area equipped with a telecord and supervised by the instructors of the ski school. In the surroundings of the Le Reposoir resort there are many routes for snowshoeing. With variable length and complexity, they will take you to the heart of the beautiful snowy landscapes, in a cozy environment where we find numerous animal species.

The mountains surrounding Le Reposoir are also an important and recognized area among mountaineering and cross-country ski enthusiasts. Not minding your level, you will have many options to satisfy your desire to head to the mountain every year seeking for its snow, in all its authenticity.

Location of Le Reposoir ski resort

The territory of the commune of Reposoir is nestled at the confluence of the valleys of Forons (or streams) called Grand Foron and Petit Foron, which eventually merge to the Foron du Reposoir. The latter is a minor tributary of the Arve River.

This Grand Foron borns near the Col de la Colombière, a pass that leads to the Aravis and Thônes valleys. The river downstream reaches the Arve valley and the Faucigny, drawing on the map the departmental highway 4. Le Petit Foron has its source in the Col des Annes and one of its tributaries in the Col de l’Oulettaz.

The Col de la Madeleine is one of the starting points for a hike to the summit of Pointe Percée (summit of the Aravis mountain chain).

Le Reposoir is a charming mountain village, where calm and cordiality can be almost breathed. This ski resort is ideal for the beginner and family audience, allowing you to enjoy skiing with all the comforts of the bigger resorts.

Le Reposoir is a family ski resort

The village has the snow garden, cable rope and blue, green and red trails. The snowgarden is open and free for beginners.

Chalet Neuf sector (located 3 kilometers from the town) welcomes the most experienced skiers in a wild area crowded by mountain goats and vultures. In this sector we find 5 lifts and 1 free telecord, in addition to the magic carpet of the French ski school (ESF).

Le Forclaz Jolie is a forest path accessible for 8 years that runs above the village of Le Reposoir. You will arrive at the mountain pastures of La Forclaz, where a viewpoint awaits you with panoramic views of the resort and the surrounding peaks.

Visit the resort surroundings

Cross the village and head to the Col de la Colombière. The exit takes place at a sharp curve in Bellegarde, where you can leave your vehicle and where you will find the sign “Planzury” as a starting point. From this point, we can visit La Forclaz. We also have free transportation from the resort to the La Forclaz chalets.

The return of the route is done on the same path. For hiking trails, the ascent begins at a place called “Saint-Bruno”, near an old farmhouse with tavaillon facades. We will find a trail prepared for driving courses in snow and 4×4 that goes up to “La Cha”. The path passes over the Malatrait country house, an old residence very similar to the one mentioned above. This path continues through the forest with a more sustained climb to La Cha chalets. The return of the route is done on the same path.