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France | Región: French Pyrenees

Le Mourtis is a family ski resort in the Pyrenees located at the gates of the Val d’Aran, which stands out for its authenticity and personal attention to its guests. A natural setting located in the heart of a magnificent fir forest, it attracts those seeking a rejuvenating mountain experience.

Features of Le Mourtis Ski Resort

Located in the city of Boutx, beyond the Col de Menté (Valles de Saint-Béat), Le Mourtis resort is a 1hour drive from Toulouse (and 3 hours from Bordeaux). It is made up of a group of chalets and mountain buildings well integrated into its wooded surroundings. The resort is divided into three sectors: the snow front, Courraou and Artigue, all linked together by a free bus line that comes regularly.

Nestled at an altitude of 1350 m, mainly in the Comminges sector, the Mourtis ski resort has many buildings and amenities; accommodation (hotels, cabins, chalets, apartments, a group reception center), restaurants, shops, equipment rental and kindergardens for children aged from 18 months to 6 years.

The sunny slopes of Le Mourtis
The sunny slopes of Le Mourtis

The resort is relatively modern. The most recent records date back to 2005, when the community of municipalities in the canton of Saint-Béat resumed normal functions in the resort; which had been, until then, administered by the commune of Boutx.

After approximately one year under this administration a significant investment was made. It was mainly aimed at modernizing and adapting the resort to the more current demands of skiers. In particular, the investment allowed for the purchase of snow cannons.

Layout of the slopes at Le Mourtis 

Its slopes extend over the first mountainous foothills of Haute-Garonne, covering three sides (East / North / South). These alpine ski slopes reach altitudes of between 1350 and 1860 meters. The routes of Tucs de Pan and l’Escala are a perfect place for skiers of all levels. Shaped almost like a balcony, its form gives you a magnificent open view of the nearby plateaus and peaks of the Pyrenees.

Two ski schools, the ESF (Ecole du Ski Français) and ESI (Ecole du Ski International) offer courses to all those who want to start, evolve and improve (both schools have a safe and suitable snow garden for young children).

The Mourtis ski resort offers 23 km of trails for all levels. They are divided into 3 sections and run through its forests. Skiing at Mourtis means letting your skis express themselves regardless of your level or ability.

Piste verte at Le Mourtis
Piste verte at Le Mourtis

From the beginner to the more experienced skier, from the hiker to the freerider, everyone can find their favorite spot on this resort.  There are 19 trails (4 green, 5 blue, 7 red and 3 black) served by 10 mechanical lifts, made up of 1 chair lift, 8 ski lifts and 1 magic carpet.  The resort also offers dedicated areas for skiers to enjoy the snow with another approach; 1 funpark, 1 airboard stadium and 2 sled runs.

The Fuentes ski lift (in the Artigue sector) has been replaced by a new state-of-the-art ski lift, significantly increasing the speed of the ascent. A free shuttle service, Mourtis, allows you to travel from Artigue to the center of the resort during opening hours.

There are many ways to enjoy the snow at Le Mourtis

Since a visit to the mountains is not just about skiing or snowboarding, Le Mourtis ski resort offers other activities and experiences to try during your stay. They have Fat Bike and downhill routes that descend from the top of the ski area, with the option of being accompanied by an instructor.  It’s a huge rush of adrenaline on the blue trail of La Promenade.

You can also enjoy Airboarding (a type of snow bodyboard) on the Airboard trail specifically designed for its use. Laughter and fun are guaranteed.

The resort also offers night skiing. You carry torches in hand while skiing through the woods on trails. For this activity you may want to be guided by one of the many instructors in the resort.  Finally, on the snow front there is also a dedicated and safe sled run for adults and kids.

Trekking up on Le Mourtis
Trekking up on Le Mourtis

Le Mourtis in summer

The area is nationally recognised by Natura 2000 (a European network of conservation for areas of biodiversity). It is located in the Valle de Haute-Garonne and covers 11,134 hectares. Since 2008, it has been recognized as a special nature conservation area (according to the Habitats Directive). Part of the commune of Boutx is also a specially protected area recognised by the French bird directive since 2006, due to the diversity of species in the environment and migratory character of the passage.

The Natura 2000 zone is an area that receives scarce amounts of rain and snowfall annually. Spread out over the Marignac basin, Saint-Béat, Pic du Gar, Rié mountain, it has also been classified as a special conservation area (with reference to the Habitats Directive) since 2007. Its total area covers some 7,680 hectares.

The Le Mourtis resort can also be enjoyed in summer, with various activities to share with family or friends; It provides a very comprehensive alternative to beach tourism. You can visit the resort and its surroundings to discover new sensations such as; mountain biking, downhill biking, enduro riding, electric mountain biking, kites, climbing, hiking, and walks…all through a spectacular protected natural environment.

View of the lake at Le Mourtis during summer
View of the lake at Le Mourtis during summer

During the summer months, you can use the ski lift to quickly reach the top of the mountain. For children and adults, it offers orientation courses (tag hunting), disc golf, as well as many other free activities. You can organize a weekend and enjoy a picnic in the high mountains; a perfect activity after you have toured part of this unique environment in the Pyrenees. For all those great gourmets, you cannot forget to visit the restaurants and taste the wonderful flavors of the high mountains.

Leisure places at the resort

For a well-deserved rest between descents (or simply if you have come to the resort to relax), you can enjoy long lunches on the terraces. For great family dinners, Le Mourtis has a dozen restaurants found at the foot of the slopes and in the surroundings.

You will find traditional cuisine, day-time menus, fast food, pancakes and waffles (a favorite snack of many skiers). The choice is yours. The chances of choosing something and getting it wrong are practically impossible in the Yeti, Tuc de l’Etang or La Grange.