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France | Región: Northern Alps

Le Grand-Bornand is a ski resort in the French commune of the same name; located in the Haute-Savoie department, in the Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes region. Mountain village belonging to the community of municipalities of the Valles de Thones, had over 2118 inhabitants in 2017.

The estación of Grand Bornand 

It all begins with the Aravis mountain range, a splendid backdrop, crowned at 2,750 metres by the Pointe Percée, the emblematic peak of the Massif, from which harmonious, green, wooded and accessible curves descend to the village. The village is spread over two heights: at 1,000 metres, there is Le Grand-Bornand Village, a typical Savoyard village with its barn, its square, its church and its shops and, in the background, the splendid Bouchet valley, at the foot of the Aravis mountain range, a favourite area for Nordic skiing…

Le Grand-Bornand Chinaillon is the main departure point for alpine skiing (1300mts).

Six kilometres further up the Col de la Colombière road is Le Grand-Bornand Chinaillon, at an altitude of 1300 metres, the main starting point for alpine skiing, and whose old village, dating back to the 17th century, has been very well preserved. When conditions are right, it is also possible to ski down to the village at an altitude of 950 metres and enjoy a descent of over 1,100 metres.

With its two-storey layout, the village creates its unity around the attachment of its inhabitants to the land, to traditions and to modernity. This typical quality of Grand-Bornand is to be found in the intensity of its agricultural life and in the harmony that emanates from the place and its environment.

Grand Bornand ski resort

Le Grand-Bornand, with more than 400 centuries-old chalets, examples of unique know-how and practicality that have become a modern aesthetic reference, the resort continues to expand while respecting this heritage.

Throughout the year, the “Bornandins”, young and old, live a beautiful love story with their village, anchored in life, respect and a look to the future. Between the village of Le Grand-Bornand and the Col de la Colombière, 12 km further up, you can discover the Chinaillon valley through its twists and turns, loved by cyclists and riders in the Tour de France. Halfway up, the typical and magnificent hamlet of Chinaillon has seen, over the years, the development of the Grand-Bornand resort around its chapel and chalets.

Le Grand-Bornand: an undisputed charm

Le Grand-Bornand: an undisputed charm

Grand Bornand ski resort

At the foot of the majestic Aravis mountain range, in a preserved environment, the Bouchet valley stretches for 7 km between the village of Le Grand-Bornand and the hamlet of Troncs, from where a road winds its way up to the Pointe-Percée, the highest point of the mountain range. With its traditional wooden chalets covered with “ancelles” or “tavaillons”, the valley retains an undeniable charm.

At the foot of the majestic Aravis mountain range, in a preserved environment, the Bouchet valley stretches for 7 km between the village of Le Grand-Bornand and the hamlet of Troncs, from where a road winds its way up to the Pointe-Percée, the highest point of the mountain range. With its traditional wooden chalets covered with “ancelles” or “tavaillons”, the valley retains an undeniable charm.

Sustainable development of Le Grand Bornand ski resort

In terms of sustainable development, the Grand Bornand ski resort is doing quite well. In fact, in terms of transport, the resort has provided bus lines from Annecy to the resort, including the price per day and per journey. In addition, for people working on the lifts, the working hours are adapted to the carpooling possibilities, all this to limit the number of cars in the resort.


The Grand Bornand ski resort has set up information panels in the resort and on the slopes to raise skiers’ awareness of sustainable development. Children in schools are strongly educated on this issue, as well as tourists and skiers who constantly see posters advocating for the protection of the ski area.

Unforgettable experiences in Le Grand Bornand

Discover a new way of sliding that is accessible to everyone, even non-skiers! Ski biking is a very easy activity for young and old, all you need is to have already ridden a classic bike before. It allows you to go down green and blue slopes, from the first attempt, without fear and for most beginners, without falling off.

The bike skis are equipped with a unique, very safe braking system, which offers easy speed control. So, are you up for it?

Grand Bornand ski resort
Veloskiing Grand Bornand © Le Grand Bornand

Le Grand Bornand offers you another way to glide. This time, you will need skis, and you will have a sail on your head! Speed riding takes the form of a one and a half hour session, accompanied. The price is 230 euros. The activity is only available for those aged 16 and over.

Grand Bornand ski resort
Speed Riding © Le Grand Bornand

Hotels in Le Grand Bornand 

Le Roc des Tours ****

Located at the foot of the slopes of the Grand Bornand Chinaillon ski resort, the new MGM residence “Le Roc des Tours” benefits from a unique location and offers very comfortable flats, which can accommodate from 2 to 8 people.

Composed of 39 flats, Le Roc des Tours favours space, comfort, charm, authenticity and top-of-the-range equipment: electrical appliances, TV, WiFi, Nespresso… You can enjoy all the services of the residence at no extra cost, which will guarantee the success of your holiday: indoor swimming pool, wellness area, sauna, jacuzzi, hammam, spa, fitness, etc.

Le Roc des Tours © Le Grand Bornand

Hotel les Cimes ****

Located in the heart of the resort, 100 m from the slopes, the hotel Les Cimes invites you to relive the authentic tradition of the chalets of yesteryear, where well-being and calm reign supreme.
This charming little hotel was renovated in autumn 2013 to become a 4-star hotel. 5 rooms and 3 suites.
5 rooms and 3 suites, Room & Breakfast formulas !

Hotel les Cimes © TripAdvisor

Hotel les Ecureuils ***

Family hotel in a quiet area, with a pleasant view of the Aravis mountain range. Located at the foot of the slopes, 400 m from the centre, 50 m from the leisure area. Fine dining: Savoyard specialities, French cuisine, run by the owner. Spa, sauna and swimming pool in the garden (summer).

The 13 rooms are equipped with bath or shower, WC, satellite TV, telephone and balcony. The 4 family suites with shower, WC, TV and telephone.
The hotel is non-smoking.

You will also find a table tennis room, garages, a ski and bike room, a billiard table and a car park in the immediate vicinity.

Hotel les Ecureuils Le Grand Bornand © Booking

Le Grand Bornand mountain resort in summer

During the summer, discover the mountains in a different way. Get on your electric scooter and enjoy new sensations. However, you need to be 1.50m tall to enjoy this activity.

1h30 easy discovery tour (in summer)
2.5 hour hike, medium to difficult level (in summer)

All-terrain electric scooter © Le Grand Bornand

New to Grand Bornand, come and learn the art of axe throwing in a unique environment! The stalls are covered. The activity continues even in case of rain.
Supervision by a sports instructor for the safety of the most daring.
The activity is available from the age of 18 or 16 if registered by a parent.

Axe Throwing © Chadron

Skiing in Le Grand Bornand: the strengths of the resort

✅ Eco-responsible resort: many initiatives are carried out to protect the environment.

✅ Wide range of services for families.

✅ Wide range of catering facilities

✅ Accommodation located close to the ski slopes

✅ Trails for beginners accessible from the lower part of the resort

✅ Accessibility for people with reduced mobility

✅ Ski and snowboard schools with experienced professionals

✅ Ski and snowboard schools with experienced professionals

✅ Bus lines running within the resort to avoid the use of personal vehicles.

✅ Ideal resort for freestyle enthusiasts, thanks to its snowpark, half-pipe and learning area.