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Le Champ du Feu

Le Champ du Feu is the highest point of the Bas-Rhin up to Ban de la Roche, at 1098 meters above sea level, very close to the municipalities of Belmont and Hohwald. In winter, the ski resort opens its slopes for cross-country and downhill skiing.

Features of Le Champ du Feu ski resort

 The area seeks to differentiate itself from other ski resorts with deep-rooted and endearing traditions. A place that inspires a never ending gastronomic, art, history and culture conversation; the landscapes of adventure, distant and yet so close, colors that overwhelm, and corners as intimate as special.

You can breathe authenticity and love for the mountain wherever we go. Le Champ du Feu shows up this rare and delicate art, the art of surprising.  During summer it is ideal for hiking, mountain biking or horse riding.

Champ du Feu ski area

The Champ du Feu ski area is made up of 14 alpine ski trails, 5 green, 4 blue and 5 red. A competition stadium was planned to be built in 2010 by the French Ski Federation for slalom and other winter sports disciplines.

The entire area has 9 ski lifts, which have undergone renovations, renovations and improvements; ensuring and improving their speed, for the comfort of skiers.

All this work made it possible to go from 4200 skiers / hour to 5600, to reduce the queueing time to access the ski lifts; allowing skiers to ski safely and connecting the slopes with the foot of the resort and parking.

To maintain and improve the quality of the snow, the Champ du Feu resort has been equipped with a modern network of artificial snow cannons. This network is made up of cannons on the slopes and on the ski lift posts. The choice of this mixed solution allows to have snow cannons with great production capacity; ensuring quality as soon as negative temperature (-1,5 ° C) is reached. This facility allows more than three quarters of the 50 hectares that make up the alpine ski area to be covered in snow.

Champ du Feu snowparks and fun areas

In the Champ du Feu area, modules have been installed for freestyle lovers. The CDF park is a space to safely start your first jumps, where the most important thing is to enjoy them before achieving a good pose. This area at the top of the Chapelle trail allow beginners and more experienced skiers to discover the feelings of freestyle.

The Champ du Feu massif is ideal for hiking routes. Its mountainous landforms and its varied landscapes will give breath taking views during the descents. However, cross-country skiing routes, by municipal decree, are reserved for cross-country skiers after purchasing the corresponding forfait.

An important astronomical enclave in France

Le Champ du Feu is one of the most important places for astronomy in Alsace and eastern France. Amateur astronomers in the region frequent it throughout the year, as soon as the weather permits, wheter winter or summer. Twice a year, in spring and autumn, an “Astronomy Night” is organized in the large paved parking that stretches along the access road.

This meeting brings together a hundred amateur astronomers, who come mainly from eastern France with their telescopes to admire the starry night. The event brings together both fans themselves and people who want to enjoy a night out under the stars. Thanks to this kind of events, carried out by the astronomy groups of the Bas-Rhin, it is possible to reduce light pollution and achieve the sustainable development of the resort.

Le Champ du Feu is characterized by the vegetation of alpine grass and peat bogs. The forests of the massif are freely accessible, but caution is recommended: it is an area where we will be responsible for our own safety.

Summer activities at Le Champ du Feu

Le Champ du Feu bets like most European resorts for a year-round opening, with activities and routes that are worth discovering.

One of the main innovations of the last seasons is the orientation initiation courses in Champ du Feu, permanent since the summer of 2017. This     initiation into orientation course was designed by the Lower Rhine Department in collaboration with the Departmental Orientation Committee and the Oberlin de la Broque Center. It is the first course of its kind in the Bas-Rhin region.

The routes in summer can be travelled independently on the marked trails of the Vosges club (if they do not pass on a cross-country ski trail) or on the trails in groomed and marked snow (information at the Champ du Feu tourist booth) .

Walking is a great way to keep fit while enjoying beautiful scenery. And if we also have the chance to do it in snow or on steep terrain, we will increase our physical performance. Alone, with friends or family, you can practice at any time and without time or material restrictions.

If we are not very sure of ourselves, we can count on the supervision of professionals, mountain guides (state mountaineering certificate), who will show us all the secrets of the area. The easy-to-use snowshoe allows a quiet and eco-friendly approach to the mountains away from crowded ski slopes. It offers everyone the opportunity to discover a fragile and always surprising winter nature.

The cultural aproach is by an ancient Roman road

A Roman road that comes from the Alsace plain and passes through the current Hohenbourg abbey on Mount Saint-Odile, dates from 1059. It is a more cultural approach to the ski resort. Its path, recognizable in part by its hollow path, ran down the ridge to Col de Steige through Col de la Charbonnière.

Since 1382 it is known as Rottenwegescheide (literally: “the red road that separates”) since it served as a division between the town of Obernai and the duchy of Ban de la Roche. If we go down this path, we can find a 16th century border marker between Obernai and Rathsamhausen that still lingers near the Rothlach Pass.