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France | Region: Vosges Massif

The Larcenaire ski resort (altitude 900/1 100 m) is located in Bussang, a French commune in the Vosges Mountains, in the Grand Est region. It is the highest comune in the Moselle Valley, where the Larcenaire River is born and where it has always been considered a privileged place to ski. The first skiers in the Bussang area used wooden slats with leather straps, in a time when elegance in dressing was more minded than nowadays.

Location of the Larcenaire ski resort

3 km from the town of Bussang, the ski resort Larcenaire is located. It is a pleasant and familiar mini ski resort where the pleasure, safety and communication between skiers is greater than in larger resorts.

The ski area is made up of only 8 slopes (3 green, 3 blue, 1 red and 1 black), but the ski resort attracts visitors with its natural charm.

It has 5 lifts, a slalom stadium, trampolines for ski jumps, a snowgarten with a telecord and an artificial snow production network. With these features, you have virtually nothing to envy at bigger resorts.

In the Larcenaire ski area, you can enjoy the snow with your family in complete safety. The valley is protected from the prevailing winds and faces east, allowing you to enjoy the sun when the day allows. Thanks to artificial snow cannons, which cover up to 80% of the domain, you can ski since the beginning of the season.

History of the Larcenaire resort 

In terms of infrastructure, the resort has a free parking of 3000 m², paved and regularly cleared of snow. You will also find snackbars, to regain strength between descents or to calm our appetite. The snow garden, with the presence of the “Club Piou Piou”, is equipped with a free cable rope for children to progress and get to know the snow at their own pace. The space is marked and delimited to guarantee the safety of children, thus this structure can only be used with an ESF instructor.

In the 60s the first ski lift of the Bussang commune was installed, specifically a cable rope. In 1966 the first chairlift was built under the leadership of the actual owner, with the intention of increasing the flow of visitors to this small ski resort. Athletes and enthusiasts from the region were approaching the trampouline to practice the jump, as well as skiers from Savoy, Courchevel and other regions who decided to promote the development of the resort.

This period lasts 6 years and in 1972 the current operator assumes full control of the resort. This partially occupies farm and pasture areas of the neighbors and owners of the region.

The current president of the resort, skied from 1956/57 to 1988/89 an excellent professional career under the colors of the Bussang comune. Its sporting successes made the resort gain relevance and recognition, mainly in France.

Larcenaire is a small and cozy resort

With 42 artificial snow cannons, most of the slopes are covered. Over the years, the facilities continued to expand; the first aid booth, expansion of technical spaces, the construction and installation of a generator, and a ski rental store was recently opened.

The exterior spaces followed the same progression, in particular, the extension and asphalting of the parking. These reforms, works and extensions are carried out with a single objective, to improve service, hospitality and security.

There are many projects planned, such as the building of a new green trail and a new ski lift; the modification of the current slopes, the installation of a ski lift to the Col de la Rochelotte, the creation of a K18 initiation trampoline and an additional 30m. 3 km from the town of Bussang, there is the resort that is accessible both on foot and by car.

At the Domaine de Larcenaire, you can enjoy the snow with your family in complete safety. The valley is protected from the prevailing winds and faces east, allowing you to enjoy the sun when the day allows.

Thanks to their sophisticated equipment, they cover 80% of the area with artificial snow, to offer you a quality service and available for much of the season. The Domaine de Larcenaire is a family-friendly mini resort where only pleasure, security and sharing count.

The resort is one of the few known to discriminate against snowboarders, since they bear the “Station Sans Surfeurs” label; so if we are fans of this discipline, we must find another destination.