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France | Region: Northern Alps

La Rosière is a ski resort in Tarentaise, in the Savoie department, in the Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes region. The resort rises up to the 1850 meters sumit, facing south, offering a panoramic view of the valley. The skiable domain is linked to the large Franco-Italian zone Espace San Bernardo.

La Rosière ski resort

Location of the La Rosière ski resort

The resort has obtained several recognitions, such as “Famille Plus” “Grand Domaine” and “Station Village”. The commune of La Rosière is labelled “Ville Fleurie” with “two flowers” awarded by the National Council of Flower Cities and Towns of France during 2016.

Located in the heart of Haute-Tarentaise, at an altitude of 1850 m, La Rosière ski resort was built minding the mountain architectural traditions. It connects with La Thuile in Italy, making it the only resort in Savoy that offers an international ski area with 152 km of slopes: Espace San Bernardo. In fact, by joining the Col du Petit Saint-Bernard sector, you can return to La Rosière, or change to the Aosta Valley and descend to the town of La Thuile.

La Rosière ski resort

Layout of the slopes in La Rosiére

La Rosiére ski resort also offers a pleasant cross-country ski area with a profund aiming towards family ski. At the same time, we will be able to discover two very different cultures (in terms of architecture and gastronomy) such as the French and the Italian. This unique combination is what best defines the Espace San Bernardo, the mix of Reblochon and Pizza, Mont Blanc and Monte Bianco, high altitude and heli-ski routes. We have the chance to visit two countries without getting off the skis.

The resort takes advantage of many hours of sunshine a day (due to its south orientation) on the French side and an excellent snow cover (due to the slopes facing north) on the Italian side; the Rosière ski area and its shared domain in the Espace San Bernardo, allow you to enjoy many winter sports apart from skiing and snowboarding.

Among the Mont Blanc and the valleys that surround it, we find easy slopes with a more sporty approach. Overcoming differences between countries, it will be difficult for us to distinguish between France and Italy; we can get lost in the forests, areas of virgin snow, practice heliskiing … Or, taste the best of Savoyard and Aosta Valley cuisine while staying at the ski resort.

Characteristics of the slopes at the resort

For the more adventurous, heliskiing is the total ski experience. From a helicopter, they will transport us to a peak from which to descend on skis or snowboards, and at the bottom the helicopter will be waiting for us.

Although it is unlikely that the 154 km of trails of the Espace San Bernardo will tell us little, covering the gap from 2800 meters to  1450. The 82 tracks, 8 play areas (snowpark, Big Airbag, two play parks, boardercross, snowcross, funcross and baby park), 2 slalom stadiums, 2 toboggan runs, 38 ski lifts (including 1 gondola and 18 chair lifts) and the 477 snow cannons spread over 64 km allow you to ski peacefully in wide open spaces. Everything set to discover your new favorite trail.

Discover the uniqueness of heliskiing at La Rosière

Due to its proximity to Italy, the Rosière ski resort is one of the few (if not the only) resorts in the French Alps that offers this rare form of skiing.

Departures are generally organized from the Col du Petit Saint Bernard, in groups of four people; They include two visits to the peaks depending on weather conditions and snow quality. The immaculate slopes of Ruitor (3300 meters), Miravidi, Freduaz, Mont Ouille are reserved for the most intrepid skiers.

Activities for the whole family

Labeled “Famille Plus Montagne”, among the aforementioned awards, for its welcome adapted to the smallest skiers, La Rosière has activities that will be liked by the whole family. A classic of many winter resorts, such as the Nordic domain; snowshoes, walking routes aimed at both the most contemplative and those who want to try something entererly new.

Horse riding, snow kite and paragliding for a little more exciting level than the previous activities. The snake glisse (sled caterpillar), the traditional sled, the paret (a mix between skiing and sledding) or the ice skate will brighten up your afternoon.

We also have a spa and beauty center to rest and relax, as well as the gym, for whom holidays are not an excuse and do not spare a day.

To give a cultural touch to our holidays, we will head to the Facim foundation. Thanks to a group of guides and monitors from the Department of Art and History of the High Valleys of Savoy, we will discover the heritage of this beautiful region.

We also have a bowling alley, cinema, bars, pubs and restaurants that brighten and cheer up the afternoons at the resort.

Mountain activities throughout the year

The mountain in Savoy Tarentaise has life and cherful atmosphere throughout the year.During the summer the best way to discover the resort is through a hiking route or by mountain bike.

Specific mountain biking routes, forest trails and marked circuits, the variety of terrain to be covered is as immense as the winter ski area. The resort has managed to adapt perfectly to the trend that ski resorts around the world have begun to implant; positioning itself as a reference destination in winter and summer.

Thanks to the ski lifts, some of them operating during the summer, we can bike up and down trails and steep paths. Downhill and enduro enthusiasts will not be disappointed; some routes cover 1200 m of unevenness, for up to 18 km of slopes to descend.

La Rosière ski resort
La Rosière ski resort © La Rosière

Summer forfaits can be purchased both online and at the resort booth. La Rosière ski resort offers breathtaking views and guaranteed adrenaline descends. Thanks to the Espace San Bernardo smartphone application, you can easily navigate the area on a mountain bike to practice sport with more safety.

In summer you can enjoy 11 tracks for conventional mountain bikes, and 7 additional tracks for bikes and electric fatbikes. If we rather hiking we will also have many routes to enjoy nature. From the app we can also check the weather before heading to the resort. All the relevant information, events and entertainment for your vacation week at your fingertips.

The ski resort of La Rosière is committed to sustainable development

The resort has committed to planting 1800 trees over 3 years. The shoots come from Bourg Saint Maurice (15 km away) and this action is carried out in partnership with the ONF for a budget of 8000€/year.


Why plant trees?
Trees are the natural regulators of our ecosystem. They purify the atmosphere by absorbing carbon dioxide and releasing oxygen. Their foliage and root systems filter water. They also act as soil stabilisers, preventing erosion and providing a home for a variety of flora and fauna.

They also help to regulate extreme temperature variations by releasing water vapour into the atmosphere. This affects local humidity levels and moderates extreme climate variations.

Unforgettable experiences at La Rosière

Come and experience a new adventure in the forest at an altitude of 2000 m in the highest PAINTBALL in Europe! With family or friends, spend a unique moment in the forest. From 12 years old. Beware, you will see all the colours!

La Rosière ski resort
Paintball in La Rosière ski resort © La Rosière

Bubble football is played in teams according to the rules of football, but on a smaller pitch. With friends or family, come and challenge yourselves during a bubble football on snow.

Beware, a little extra difficulty: the bubble! Your sense of balance will be reduced and you will not have the same level as in classic football. One thing is sure: you won’t get hurt if you fall!