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Imagen de Wikipedia: vista superior final primer tramo aerosilla e inicio segundo tramo de aerosilla del cerro La Hoya, pista de principiantes, confitería y guardería. Imagen: Julio 2010 Source: Infochubut

La Hoya is located northwest of the province of Chubut, just 7,4 miles km from the city of Esquel and 1220 miles from Buenos Aires.

Because of its location in pre range and particularly, being south facing, by abundant rainfall and dry climate, offers a season that runs from mid-June until late October, with high quality snow. Alpine Skiing, Snowboard, Ski-trekking, Skiing and off-piste skiing, Tubing torches, Circuits and Boarder ski cross, are practiced in La Hoya. In addition, at the Snow-Park are developed disciplines of Freestyle Skiing and Snowboarding.

This Snow –Park in the host of the Free Styling Competitions, at the end of winter season, since 2005 and one of the most prominent of all the parks in South America. La Hoya is the only ski resort in Argentina led by the government of the province of Chubut, which every year takes commitment and responsibility to carry forward each season successfully.