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Just 80 km from Nice, La Colmiane Valdeblore holds several small mountain villages, as well as the village of La Colmiane. Valdeblore is a French commune located in the Maritime Alps, in the Provence-Alpes-Cote d’Azur region.

Location of the La Colmiane ski resort

At the gates of the Mercantour National Park in a natural environment, the resort welcomes more visitors year after year. Nested in an old glacier, the ‘Val de Blore’ is a wide and green valley surrounded by conifers and mountains. The resort covers 3 villages (La Bolline, La Roche, Saint-Dalmas, La Colmiane) and one little town, Mollières. Within the administrational domain is part of the Mercantour National Park; Valdeblore is a pastoral town that has managed to adapt perfectly to summer tourism and winter sports.

The resort offers different activities apart from skiing, like mountain biking, hiking, tree climbing and via ferrata. The typical high mountain villages hide magical corners inside their alleys, for us to discover when we finish skiing. La Colmiane offers 30 km of alpine ski slopes, as well as a snowpark that is very popular among local residents.

Layout of the slopes in La Colmiane

Between 1400 and 1800 meters above sea level (summit of Pic de la Colmiane), La Colmiane ski resort covers 30 km of ski slopes with 6 lifts, including 1 chair lift. Those 30 kilometers translates into 20 trails that run through steep slopes, rock walls and gentle unevenness (aimed mainly on learning to ski).

Winter sports lovers will find in this resort a place to satisfy their willing to perform in the snow: skiing, snowboarding, snowshoeing, sledding … La Colmiane has facilities that allow the practice of most winter sports.

Come and ski already

Experienced skiers will enjoy the 2 black slopes (Bachas, Diable) and the 8 red slopes (Cranberries, Cables, Grove, Clarines, the most outstanding) perfectly suitable for carving. Stepping down the difficulty, the 6 blue trails will delight many skiers, where they can practice as much as they like before daring on the red ones. As for beginners, they will sure enjoy the 4 green trails (including the long Dahuts slope) drawn and marked to handle skiing in excellent conditions.

For the kids (3 years old and up), the “Les Ptits Loups” park has trails with a magic carpet and 3 progresive initiation into skiing levels.

La Colmiane has artificial snow cannons, which can guarantee  perfect conditions and a thick layer of snow along 16 km of slopes. Although these 16 kilometers may seem few, they are enough to reinforce the snowfall and allow visitors to enjoy the snow from the beginning of the season.

The zip line is the flagship of La Colmiane

La Colmiane has an activity that almost no other ski resort offers, the giant zip line (one of the longest in all France). It consists of 2 lines, with a route of 2663 meters, to literally fly over the slopes in complete safety, at a maximum speed up to 120 km / h. The zip line is open both in summer and winter, where strong emotions and adrenaline are more than guaranteed.

The upper part of the zip line is set at 1776 meters, and the lower part is 1489 meters, which means a free fall over 300 meters. No brakes, no traffic, just a cable and a harness. It may be one of the main actives of the resort, in which it is considered the largest zip line in France. We can fast travel from the highest point of the resort to the base, covering 2663 meters in just over a minute and a half.

The giant zip line can be enjoyed on solo and couples trips, for those who want to share this authentic adrenaline moment.

Year-round healthy activities

Renowned family resort, La Colmiane offers many other activities such as snowshoeing, mountain hiking, cross-country skiing, paragliding … So you can find and try the activity that suits you the most.

It is the ideal destination to share with family or friends, as its range of activities is available during winter and summer; summer tobogganing, tree climbing, mini golf, mountain biking, equestrian center, paragliding, trampoline, donkey trekking, relax and wellness, farm-school, climbing and via ferrata. One of the latest renovations at the resort included the installation of a detachable lift.

It allows you to climb faster to the top of the resort (1800 m) and give a glance to the amazing views of Mercantour and the valleys of Vésubie and Valdeblore. The removable 4seater chairlift can cover the trip in about four minutes. Snow cannons, mega half pipe for freestylers, French ski school with a snow garden for the kids, picnic and rest areas, among many others facilities.

The Colmiane has modern, comfortable and efficient facilities so you only have to worry about having a good time.