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Guzet-neige is a French ski and winter sports resort located in the Pyrenees, in Ariège. The name of the resort has evolved upon request by the skiers themselves, especially involved in diversification initiatives beyond the winter season.

History of the Guzet ski resort

The resort was originally planned in 1950, and its construction began in the 1960s with the installation of ski lifts and the adaptation of the slopes between Col de Latrappe and the summit of Prat Mataou.

Since 2018 the management is public, between Syndicat Mixte de Guzet and Savasem, which was already managing Ax-3-Domaines, Ascou-Pailhères and Monts-d ‘Olmes stations. This represents a management contract for the Guzet resort that spans over 5 years.

Since the 2000’s, the Navarro brothers have represented the resort internationally for its futuristic and modern facilities.

Several chalets and residences can be found scattered throughout the heart of a magnificent fir forest. The resort also has several viewpoints where you can enjoy 360 ° panoramic views of the Couseranne peaks. It is a wild and unspoilt area of the Ariège Pyrenees, decked by a tourist center located in a beautiful valley at 1400 m above sea level: the visual impact was carefully taken into account when designing the resort.

How Guzet is distributed

The resort itself is a claim to please tourists who seek tranquility, relax in the mountains and enjoy beautiful landscapes. Toulouse is 1 hour and 45 minutes away and can be accessed by the Ustou Valley or the Col de Latrape from Aulus-les-Bains (where the ski trails descend to an altitude of 1100 m).

Guzet offers 40 km of alpine skiing for all levels, but also 3 km of Nordic ski slopes for classic and skating modalities, as well as 2 snowshoe routes.

The resort has all the necessary facilities for a pleasant stay, where we can find; a nursery / reception center, a regular transport service (the Guzybus) that provides a link between the chalet district Prat Mataou and the tourist center Guzet 1400, Wi-Fi network at the Tourist Office (Guzet 1400), an slide safe area, an alpine ski area for beginners, rest areas and two picnic areas.

Skiing is only part of the fun in Guzet

As for activities that are not skiing, Guzet has alternatives for the enjoyment of tourists. First, the monorail toboggan run is considered the longest toboggan run in Europe, from 1700 m and with a 400 m drop; adrenaline guaranteed especially during the final stretch. You can try and feel like a bird at with a tandem paragliding baptism.

The “Crazy evenings at the Chalet de Beauregard” (”Folles Soirées du chalt de Beauregard”) are a must in Guzet, reachable by foot or snowmobiles. We find a restaurant on the heights overlooking the Tuc des Cristaux or the Prat Mataou plateau (depending on the weather and snow conditions); appetizers and themed dinners.

For relax after a busy day or just for a treat, the private spa ” La Marmotte dans l’Eau ” offers a Norwegian bath and an infrared sauna. Moving a bit from the resort, there are the thermal baths of Aulus-les-Bains, and the Espace Aquadétente. Spaces that invite you to enjoy the sun in its 32 ° heated pool equipped with massage jets, Jacuzzi and hammam. If during our visit the weather is bad, head to the Couserans Valleys Heritage Interpretation Center at the Château de Seix (21 km away). We will be able to walk and learn about  ancient and present life of the people of the Haut-Salat valleys.

Guzet sectors and slopes

The ski area is made up of three large sectors: the one in Pra Mataou completely in the forest, slightly off-center compared to the other two, with an area for beginners and fairly easy trails. The Guzet sector has trails suitable all levels and, finally, the Freychet sector. This sector has large areas of vegetation, quite suitable for experienced skiers. In total there are 40 kilometers of alpine ski slopes.

For adrenaline lovers, the resort has made available a vast Snowpark, a Boarder Cross and a slalom stadium that will delight the most daring.

It must be said that the Couserans valley are the favorite choice for the great gourmets, where you can enjoy eating and sharing. The resort has several renowned restaurants, in addition to the standard local shops for buying and rent ski equipment. As a novelty, it has a business model that is already present in many high mountain locations; boutiques specialized in local and valley products, such as cheeses, cold meats, wines, etc.

Most of Guzet’s skiers are from Toulouse, so spect to hear both french and occitan. The proximity of the city to the resort causes this, but we will also find skiers from western France such as the Bretons or the Bordeaux region: historically, coexistence between the inhabitants of these regions has been harmonious.

In touch with nature

A feeling of peace and tranquility that can be felt anywhere in the resort.

When you go for a walk, as on skis, snowshoes or just boots, a feeling of wellness and tranquility quickly arises; just nature noises, practically no line of ski lifts or chair lifts, an area that will make us feel in full contact with nature.

From the Prat sector, in the middle of the fir trees, we will be able to observe the natural habitat of the European grouse. The routes reach the foot of Freychet, the resort’s legendary mountain with its steep slopes that make it one of the best black trails. Rather the most technical in all the entire Pyrenees.

Our visit to the resort must end on the terrace of the Chalet de Beauregard to contemplate the fantastic landscape that is presented to us at the Col d’Escot; This resort definitely has a unique charm.