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Located at 1,385 metres above sea level, Gressoney-Saint-Jean is one of the most elegant villages in the Gressoney Valley. Surrounded by spectacular scenery and with breathtaking views of Mont Rose, this picturesque Alpine village stands out for its Walser cultural heritage and royal history.

Gressoney-Saint-Jean: Tradition and elegance at the foot of Monte Rosa

During the winter, Gressoney-Saint-Jean offers skiers access to the Weissmatten resort, known for its international Leonardo David piste, one of the most technical and challenging in the Alpine arc, with continuous changes of pace and steep slopes. In addition, the piste is floodlit, allowing for the magic of night skiing under the stars. For families, the Baby Snow Park Sonne, with its conveyor belt and various attractions, is ideal for children to have fun in the snow.


Accommodation and restaurants in Gressoney-Saint-Jean

For accommodation, Gressoney-Saint-Jean offers a variety of options ranging from luxury hotels to cosy guesthouses. The Hotel Villa Tedaldi, an elegant hotel in a historic villa, offers a warm and romantic atmosphere with views of Monte Rosa. The Residence Blumental, with its modern flats, is ideal for families and groups. Hotel Gran Baita, with its spa and restaurant, is perfect for relaxing after a day on the slopes.

The local gastronomy in Gressoney-Saint-Jean is another reason to visit this charming resort. Ristorante Mont Néry, with its traditional Aosta Valley cuisine and well-stocked wine cellar, is an ideal place to enjoy an evening out. Ristorante Capanna Carla in Weissmatten offers simple, tasty dishes for a quick break between runs. Petit Royal, a rustic restaurant in the centre of the village, is known for its regional specialities and cosy atmosphere.

What to do in summer in Gressoney-Saint-Jean?

In summer, the beautiful Lake Gover, within walking distance of the centre, is a haven for relaxing outdoor activities such as fishing, hiking and picnics. The nearby Castel Savoia, built as a summer residence for Queen Margherita di Savoia, is an impressive castle surrounded by botanical gardens that is also a symbol of the town. Visitors can stroll through the garden, where different species of alpine flora can be found, or explore the interior of the castle to discover its rich history.

The Walser legacy in Gressoney-Saint-Jean is tangible in the architecture and in the popular festivities that continue to keep the culture alive. The Walser Ecomuseum, with its authentic reconstruction of an old house, allows visitors to experience what life was like in the past.

Useful Information: Gressoney-Saint-Jean is accessible from Milan, Turin and Geneva, with nearby airports such as Milan Malpensa and Turin Caselle. The Monterosa Shuttle service connects the resort with these airports during the winter season, providing easy access to this jewel of the Gressoney Valley.