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Fuentes de Invierno is an alpine ski resort located in the municipality of Aller in the principality of Asturias, Cantabrian Mountains. This ski resort officially opened on March 31 2007, although users had to wait until the following season to fully enjoy all their services.

Just over an hour’s drive from Oviedo, Gijón, or Avilés, it is a small natural paradise of the Asturian community. Its privileged location protects it from strong winds, which favors the conditions for winter sports.

Layout and distribution of the trails

Since its beginnings the resort has been specially careful in dealing with the customer. The tread of trails is another remarkable point, although it does not yet have snow cannons, the trails are usually in good condition, with fast and efficient last-generation mechanical lifts. The domain consists of 3 differentiated areas, in addition to a park and a children’s snow park.

Asturian Fuentes de Invierno ski resort offers 8,7 km of skiing and 450 meters of vertical drop. It is made up of 3 green tracks, ideal for the beginner audience and 3 blue tracks for those who have successfully passed their first experiences in the snow.

Those on a more advanced level, will be able to enjoy 6 red and 3 black slopes that will delight the most adventurous skiers.

In total, it has 3 chairlifts, 1 ski lift and a magic carpet for those who want to make their first descents in this Asturian ski resort, capable of transporting up to 8.200 people per hour.


Location of Fuentes de Invierno

Fuentes de Invierno is 70 km from Oviedo and 84 km from León. The ski resort, affectionately referred to as ‘Fuentes’, has modern ski lifts to reach the middle and upper areas of the resort.

The resort does not yet have artificial snow cannons, although its installation is planned once its energy deficit is resolved, for which a project is already planned. It is the second ski resort of Asturias, very close to the neighbor of San Isidro in León. Together they make up the largest ski area in the Cantabrian Mountains. It is planned that this resort will be linked by a mechanical lift to the Riopinos sector of its neighboring San Isidro, but at the moment it is not possible since the Principality of Asturias is not willing to pay the Diputación de León to use the power line that would be necessary for the union of the two resorts. However, a joint annual forfait is offered with the also Asturian resort Valgrande Pajares, in the neighboring village of Lena.

What can Fuentes de Invierno offer

From shops dedicated to the rental of specialized material, restaurants and a ski school with qualified teachers that will allow you to easily learn the sport discipline you prefer in the snow.

From the top of the resort, the area near the Llomba Peak (1.975 m) or in Entresierras, you can enjoy the fresh air while appreciating a magnificent mountain panorama. Even if you don’t have material, you will find everything at the Fuentes de Invierno resort.

The offer of accommodation in Fuentes de Invierno ski resort is wide, being possible in the surroundings of the resort, spend the night in an hotel, apartment or even shelters or rural houses. A resort that has comfortable access by road and possess a natural environment of magnificent beauty.

Fuentes de Invierno also has its World Snow Day and aims to celebrate with the Spanish School of Skiing and Snowboarding (EEES) Fuentes de Invierno and the Aller council during the month of January.

Ski school and club

The ski and snowboard club of the Fuentes de Invierno resort teaches courses in the modalities of ski initiation, improvement, competition and adults, and snowboard courses in the modalities initiation, improvement and competition; in total approximately 400 children and adults participate.

It has private lessons, with a teaching totally adapted to the needs of each visitor, where exclusive and personalized dedication is provided. Private lessons are offered every day of the season, from the opening to the closing of the resort. It is recommended to book in advance to be able to have the schedules that best suit the needs of each visitor.

You can also choose courses or collective classes. It allows students to participate in courses formed by groups of students with similar levels. Each season they offer a calendar with different courses, both during weekends and during holiday periods. In the collective courses students, all level skiers can participate, from the total initiation to the most advanced improvement. Students from 4 years old can register.

They have the best equipment for rent at the base of the slopes for all users of the resort who wish. Open every day of the season from 09:00 to 16:45.

Its dynamic Ski School organizes courses and classes, both in groups and in private lessons. It also encourages social responsibility actions, such as the one carried out in 2019 where they helped an Association against children with cancer with their baptism of solidarity snow in Fuentes de Invierno.

If you like skiing but also enjoy nature, gastronomy and local customs, in Fuentes de Invierno you are in the right place. Here you will find from Romanesque churches, manor houses and mining wells loaded with history. The enormous landscapes and the corners that hide this natural zone is wide and diverse. If you finish a day skiing early, do not hesitate to visit Hoces del Río Aller or the Route of Foces del Pino. And all this, just 70 kms. from Oviedo and 84 kms. from León