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Do you want to enjoy skiing Formigal? Here we go!. Formigal-Panticosa is located in the Spanish province of Huesca, in the village of Sallent de Gállego. It is formed by an urbanization attached to the Aramón Formigal ski resort, a few kilometers from the border with France, which is accessed through the port of Portalet.

The Formigal resort, with its 137 skiable kilometers, has become one of the largest ski destinations in Spain. The quality of its completely renovated ski lifts and its state-of-the-art facilities will allow us to enjoy a very modern and accessible resort for all audiences.

The Formigal slopes are just a few kilometres from the border with France -Portalet pass- and less than half an hour away from one the possible future Winter Olympic town of Jaca.

If you plan to visit Formigal, you will see that it offers a wide variety of accommodation, but if you are looking for a good hotel in Formigal, later we will give you some tips of where to stay, which will not disappoint you.

Formigal ski resort

Formigal has a large ski domain with slopes adapted to different levels. Beginners and experts alike will find the Formigal valleys an ideal place to enjoy skiing on its varied slopes:

  • Cantales for beginners.
  • Izas and Sarrios for more experienced skiers.
  • Tres Hombres for the more advanced.

As a result of the ski lifts linking the four valleys (Portalet, Anayet, Izas/Sarrios and Tres Hombres/Sextas), visitors will find a varied ski area with a significant difference in altitude and well-distributed access to the slopes.

All in all it is a fairly modern resort, where you will find plenty of renovated lifts as well as state-of-the-art facilities. Formigal has controlled speed areas (especially for children and beginners) and a video-slalom slope for those who want to test themselves by passing flags.

Picture: I LOVE SKI – Ski Resort Formigal (Aragón, Spain)

Main features of the Formigal Ski Resort

All the access areas to the resort, Panticosa, Sextas, Sarrios, Anayet and Portalet gondola lifts, have numerous coffee shops at the base of the slopes, which can be accessed directly by car. The resort has special ride vouchers so you can enjoy both the snow and the incredible views, in the Panticosa sector and in the Formigal sector.

Formigal, flagship of the Aramón group, has one of the busiest and crowded places in Spain’s ski resorts, where dancing, music, and good atmosphere are guaranteed without having to take off your ski boots: Marchica.


A few meters from the Formigal ski resort, we find a modern urbanization with a large hotel building and a wide range of activities. It is possible to practise skiing Formigal and stay in any of the villages close to the resort, thanks to the convenient access by road and the wide offer of hotels.

In recent seasons, huge amounts of money have been invested in extending and modernising the network of ski lifts. The quality of the access road, the large car parks and the wide range of services are worthy of mention.

Also in terms of leisure, the Formigal resort offers a wide range of après-ski activities, entertainment, bars and discotheques in the surrounding area, allowing you to enjoy not only the skiing but also the festive atmosphere of Formigal.

Formigal’s ski pistes

Formigal ski resort has 4 main accesses:

  • Sextas
  • Sarrios
  • Anayet
  • Portalet

All of them have spacious cafeterias at the foot of the slopes which can be reached directly by car or by the white bus. In addition, the resort has special ski passes for those who prefer not to ski, so that they can enjoy both the snow and the incredible views by going up the ski lifts.

Formigal aragón
Imagne: skier descending the ski slopes of Formigal (Aragón)

Skiing in ARAMON Formigal will be a real delight for carving enthusiasts, as there are no trees to be found. The slopes of Formigal are tremendous snow highways that run through and descend the valleys of the domain, ideal for making wide turns in safety. It is worth highlighting that the Formigal ski resort is developing its more charitable side, with projects that benefit underprivileged groups.

Activities in the Formigal ski resort

One of the hallmarks of the Formigal ski resort is its wide range of services and activities. Moreover, the Aragonese resort has a wide range of gastronomic offer in the 4 valleys of the resort, but that is worthy of an in-depth article.

You don’t have equipment and you don’t know how to ski? No need to worry, in Formigal you’ll find snow gardens, ski and snowboard equipment hire, as well as a ski slope photography service…

How to get around by bus and forget about your car

The Aragonese resort has 4 entrances with their respective car parks and ticket offices. Thanks to this distribution, it is possible to distribute the skiers and reduce overcrowding problems at the beginning of the day.

In the Formigal sector, there is a free Ski-Bus service that runs from the Formigal residential area (bus-stop at the clock in the square) to the Sextas and Anayet accesses, non-stop from 8:30 am to 5:30 pm. There is also a shorter service to the chalet area. Furthermore, at weekends and on the eve of public holidays, there is a service from Marchica to the residential area from 17:00 to 21:30.

You probably already know this, but we cannot ignore fact that the Formigal ski resort has one of the liveliest and busiest venues in Spain’s ski resorts. A place where dancing, music and a good atmosphere are guaranteed without having to take off your ski boots:

The Marchica. The day is not over in Formigal after the ski lifts close. Worshipped by some and loathed by others, the truth is that this open-air dance floor has been a resounding success with the skiing public and at weekends, the event is frequented by people from the upper Aragon region and even from Zaragoza.

Sustainable development of the Formigal ski resort

Almost all the holiday accommodation provides transportation to the slopes, apart from the bus line that connects the valley and the residential areas with Formigal and Panticosa.

pistas formigal

If you want to reduce your carbon footprint during your stay in Formigal, we recommend you use the white bus. For the sake of the environment, park your private vehicle and use public transport.


There is a free bus service that runs from the Formigal sector to the Panticosa sector. The bus runs from your hotel in Formigal, daily and uninterruptedly from 8:30 to 17:30. Note: it stops in Escarrilla. On Saturdays and the eve of public holidays it is also available until 21:30 h (last service to Panticosa).

Unforgettable experiences in Formigal

These are the “Unforgettable experiences” of our team at Formigal ski resort. Our hunches are experiences that will make your stay in the resort unique and memorable. This time, the unforgettable experience in Formigal is dedicated to Las Mugas.

Las Mugas – Formigal

Las Mugas is an exclusive venue set up at 1,800 metres above sea level on the summits of the Formigal ski resort. From 4pm, you will have access to one of the six futuristic domes to have a unique evening under the stars of the Aragonese Pyrenees. Experience the adventure of sleeping in the heart of the mountains, with all the amenities and the finest views.

The night will bring you magical moments, being able to see the constellations by simply opening the door of your Muga and feel the absolute silence of the Pyrenees. The small size of the mugas in Formigal makes the experience an intimate and almost exclusive one: you can go as a couple or even with two children who can sleep in the upper section of the tent, which is heated by a pellet cooker.

At dawn, when the sun rises in the morning, you can be one of the first privileged skiers to descend the slopes of Formigal. There is no doubt that the Formigal slopes are an unforgettable experience that is not only aimed at skiers. Visitors who don’t know how or want to ski can enjoy a walk on snowshoes, learn orienteering and mountain rescue techniques, learn the secrets of the old smugglers who crossed the border or taste some of the exquisite delicacies of the Tena Valley.

How much does it cost to sleep in the mugas of Formigal?

The evening/night is priced at €395 per couple. Remember to book in advance to enjoy a night in the mugas, and live a unique experience with your partner or family. By the way, dinner and breakfast is included and is offered in the largest Muga, called “La Borbolla”, which serves as a dining room.

It is noteworthy that Formigal is an area for skiing that offers a wide range of accommodation. Therefore, to make your search easier, in the section about hotels, you will find some recommendations to help you find your hotel in Formigal.

Formigal mountain resort in summer

The Formigal resort offers various activities during the summer period, especially mountain bike routes. The descents available by chairlift make the Tena Valley an idyllic place for downhill and MTB enthusiasts.

Just a few kilometres away, you will find the Panticosa Spa. A place where relaxation and wellness blend in with the surrounding majestic mountains. In the mighty rivers of the Tena Valley you can also enjoy the rough waters of the rivers of the Pyrenees. If, on the other hand however, you’re into more laid-back activities, don’t hesitate to enjoy one of the golf courses on the banks of the Gállego River, near Sabiñánigo: the Las Margas golf course.

If you’re in the area with the younger ones, we recommend you visit Biescas Aventura and enjoy routes through the trees or go down an eternal zip line in Bubal. If you are seeking to discover the hidden mysteries of the forests of the Tena Valley, visit Lacuniacha and its animals. In its 30 hectares, reindeer, lynx, bison and even bears and wolves await you in this park located at an altitude of 1,380 metres. We are not particularly fond of zoos, quite the contrary, but in this case, the animals were born in captivity and come from recovery centres.

If you’re not too bothered to take the car and you fancy crossing the Portalet border crossing, you have a wide range of options on the French side of the border. For example, there is an interesting boat trip to the Betharram caves, between Pau and Lourdes, which is bound to please young and old alike.

Hotels in Formigal

A few metres from the Formigal ski resort, we find a modern development with a wide range of hotels and a diverse range of activities. It is possible to practise skiing in Formigal and stay in any of the towns near the resort, thanks to the easy access by road and the wide hotel offer.

Despite having several interesting options that are not at the foot of the slopes, if you are looking for a hotel in Formigal, there are plenty which are close and accesible. This in fact, is thanks to the bus that drops you off at the main access to the slopes.

If you are looking for a hotel in Formigal, but you can’t find availability or the price doesn’t suit your budget, we recommend you to look in other nearby towns in the Tena Valley. There is a wide range of accommodation on offer, from studios and flats to hostels and hotels.

Hotel Formigal Sarao*

In Escarrilla, 6 km from Formigal, you will find the Hotel Sarao with a great value for money. Its rooms are modern, renovated and warm, thanks to the central heating system.

Image: Hotel formigal Sarao

The heated swimming pool in the village is just 200 metres from the hotel and is conveniently located near the the bus stop that runs free of charge to the slopes of Formigal.

Formigal Mariana Hotel

In the neighbouring village down the Tena Valley, Tramacastilla de Tena, you will find quality accommodation at the Hotel Mariana at a reasonable price. This hotel, which opened its doors in 1928, offers spacious and well-lit rooms, as well as a traditional Tena Valley cuisine that will make you crave for more.

Image: Formigal Mariana Hotel

It is indeed a beautiful hotel that offers an incredible breakfast, ideal for a day of skiing full of energy. Similarly, it is highly recommended if you are looking to spend a few days as a couple and enjoy the nearby surroundings, such as cross-country skiing in La Patarcua or hiking in the Betato forest.

Formigal Boutique & Spa El Privilegio Hotel

Also in Tramacastilla, it is important to highlight the Boutique & Spa El Privilegio, which, as its name suggests, offers a large spa and wellness centre inside. Above all Its careful decoration and friendly service make the Hotel Privilegio one of the best hotels you can find near Formigal.

Image: Formigal Spa Privilegio Hotel
Hotel Formigal Boutique & Spa El Privilegio
Formigal Boutique & Spa El Privilegio Hotel

In addition, we highly recommend the artisan production of Pacharán by the great family that runs this hotel, with sloes hand-picked in the very Valle de Tena, a true delight!

Skiing in Formigal : the resort’s main strengths

✅ Ski resort with modern ski lifts without long waits, with the exception of public holidays and weekends.

✅ Plenty of family-friendly services.

✅ Wide range of restaurants both at the foot of the slopes and in restaurants distributed throughout the ski domain.

✅ The lodgings are connected to the ski slopes by a circular bus route, as well as private services offered by some lodgings to their guests.

✅Beginners’ slopes accessible from the lower part of the resort.

✅ Access adapted for people with reduced mobility.

✅ Ski and snowboard schools with experienced instructors.

✅ No need to take your own car to the resort.

✅ Ideal for freestyle enthusiasts with a snowpark and a special area for children’s learning.

✅ Spectacular freeride circuits outside the marked areas (it is highly recommended to be accompanied by professionals, to have an arva, shovel and probe and to check the risk of avalanches).