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You have probably heard about the volcano Etna, but did you know it is also a huge mountain in Sicily. If you want to ski in a unique resort full of surprises and offering spectacular sceneries, Mount Etna is a perfect ski resort.

The ski resort is situated on the Italian volcano! It is still active but do not worry, if the local authorities perceive record dangerous seismic waves, the resort closes immediately.

But it is very unlikely to happen, you ski holiday will for sure be unforgettable. Even if the ski resort is located in the South of Italy, its altitude ensure good weather conditions, it highest peak reaches 3350 meters above the sea level!

It is in fact the highest volcano in Europe! The slopes are covered with snow from December to May, a long season full of fresh snow in a resort like no other. Mount Etna is also perfect for freestylers and snowboarders given the off-piste opportunities. Mount Etna is located in North-East Sicily near Catane, the second biggest city of the region!

The ski resort is situated near the Ionian Sea, from the summits you can see the sea and its islands on the horizon. The view is breathtaking, the snow white, reaches the lava pitch black with the deep blue sea in the horizon.

Did you know that Mount Etna is also well known for its wildlife, it is a protected natural park and skiers often see rabbits, foxes, weasels, wild cat, owls and even raptors! But it is also located in a historical region full of culture and tasty dishes.