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SuperDévoluy is a French ski and winter sports resort located in the Dévoluy massif and the commune of the same name, within the Hautes-Alpes department of the Provence-Alpes-Côte d’Azur region. Originally opened in 1966.

Southwestern gateway to the Hautes Alpes, the Dévoluy massif stretches over 300 km² and features a wide variety of snowy landscapes.

The resort is located in the territory of the Dévoluy municipality, what was once known as Saint-Étienne-en-Dévoluy.

History of the Dévoluy ski resort

Created in 1966 as part of a 1964 area development plan, the resort initially consisted in a single building. “Le Bois d’Aurouze” initially straight, grew in size and capacity and enventually slightly curved, so the locals started calling it “Paquebot des Neiges”. It was planned and designed by the architect Henry Bernard (1912-1994).

The facilities, including the Cypières spring water supply network, were built by the ” Grands Travaux de Marseille ” company.

The original building was followed by two others, “Les Issarts” and “Plein Sud”, a typical practice among resorts built directly at the foot of the slopes.  Basically it is shaped like a bar; From the outside it looks like a huge hotel in the very front of the slopes, while the rest of the buildings are covered by wooden roofs.

What will we find in Dévoluy

New buildings have raised to the east and behind the bar-shaped building. Most of them are chalets and hotels, built with ease access to the ski slopes in mind (thanks in part to magic carpets).

Dévoluy massif offers two linked ski resorts:

  • Superdevoluy is the oldest, it has the largest number of hotel beds. Built around the “ski on foot” concept, its imposing snow front impresses visitors and locals alike.
  • La Joue du Loup is more like a village because of the cozy atmosphere that flows from its small wooden chalets.

Dévoluy, SuperDévoluy and La Joue du Loup hold different characteristics and offer a wide variety of accommodation to satisfy all kinds of needs. SuperDévoluy / La Joue du Loup is one of the largest ski areas in the Southern Alps, with 1000m unevenness and 100km of marked trails.

The resort attracts skiers and snowboarders for its sun, which provides light and warmth while enjoying its slopes.  Another strong point of the complex would be the unique views from the ski resort’s summit.  From the valley, you can see the peaks of Le Grand Ferrand (2759 m), L’Obiou (2790 m), Les Crêtes de Farraud (Tête de Claudel (2563 m), and in the background the Barre des Ecrins.

Layout and distribution of the slopes in Dévoluy

With the majestic Pic de Bure at the background, the Superdevoluy / La Joue du Loup ski area is among 1500 and 2500 meters above sea level. 23 lifts serve the resort’s sixty slopes, wich happens to be covered only for a third part by the snowmaking machines.

Pic Ponson (at the top of the Sommarel ski lift), Combe de la Truie or Bonnet Rouge are some of the most popular freeride areas among powder snow enthusiasts.

On the other hand, we find the snow gardens, much calmer and perfectly suitable for children. Ski lifts, snow cables and sleds are available for kids. Children can have fun and learn the basics of skiing supervised by the French Ski School monitors.

Snow fun for kids and grown ups

The Superdevoluy snowpark is placed near the “Le Pré du Renard” ski lift. Known as “Mushroom’s Park” it is the meeting point for freestyle enthusiasts, holding 2 hectares in the heart of the ski area. Snowboarders and riders will enjoy a pleasant area with multiple modules where they can unleash their tricks (rails, boardercross, blows, boxes and quarters).

Dévoluy is undoubtedly one of the most suitable massifs in the Southern Alps for cross-country skiing. The surroundings of this beautiful valley in the heights hold a succession of valleys and paths to travel.

What would the resort be without its Nordic ski area?

Cross-country skiing enthusiasts have a must visit on the Collet du Tât slope (1613 m): 30 km of cross-country ski trails (skating and classic), and a wide variety of landscapes with glades and forests, crossing from west to east , with a difference in altitude of 200 meters. It can be accessed from Superdévoluy, La Joue du Loup or  Col du Festre.

It is hard to cross this slope and not fall in love with the environment. Many Dévoluy visitors have fallen in love with its wide open spaces and the purity of its preserved natural environment. Classified among the 30 largest communes in extension of metropolitan France, the village of Dévoluy has just over 1000 inhabitants during the year. These numbers place it among the most acclaimed destinations among skiers looking for tourism without crowds and with the opportunity to be in contact with local traditions and customs.

Getting in touch with the neighbors and feeling fully integrated in Le Dévoluy are some of the reasons that have led many to choose their second home in this area. The chance to recognise familiar faces, shoppers who know their clients; both in summer and winter, it is a real pleasure for those who come during holidays.

To thank their customers for their loyalty, the shoppers of La Joue du Loup and Superdévoluy jointly offer a loyalty card, offering advantages and discounts to its owner.