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Located just 4 km from Megáve and 30 km from Chamonix in the Haute-Savoie department, the charming village of Combloux is facing Mont Blanc. We find ourselves in the Combloux ski and winter sports resort, which has also been awarded the “Familie Plus Montagne” label since 2005.

Combloux, also known as “La Perle du Mont Blanc”, is a charming typical mountain village. You will find wellness, sports and leisure, with unmatchable beauty.

Combloux ski resort location

The village, which has comfortable accesses, presents a traditional architecture of the Haute Savoie (chalets and stone farms, as well as the absence of large buildings). It offers an exceptional panorama, with attractive 360degree views of Mont Blanc, Fiz, Aiguilles Rouges, and Aravis.

The Combloux location is within a true continental mountain environment characterized by a strong humidity. Winters are cold with heavy snowfall, and summers are mild with sporadic storms. The halftime periods (April and October, mainly) are also more steamy on average.

The Météo-France agency defines the local climate with data from the reference meteorological station, located in Bourg-Saint-Maurice, in the Tarentaise Valley, recorded during the period 1981-2010.

Distribution of the slopes in Combloux

In the skiing matter, Combloux offers an incomparable repertoire of slopes thanks to its impressive views of Mont Blanc. At the resort, we face two domains to enjoy skiing:

-the “Portes du Mont-Blanc” area that groups the slopes of Combloux, Megève / Le Jaillet, La Giettaz and Cordon (100 km of slopes from 1100 to 1930 m above sea level)

-the “Evasion Mont Blanc” domain which includes all the resorts of the “Portes du Mont-Blanc” domain; Megève, Saint-Gervais, Les Contamines and San Nicolás de Véroce (445 km of slopes)

Newcomers to winter sports will get a first taste of powder snow at the Espace Snowboard and Boarder Cross (where snowboarders and skiers are welcome). For beginners, we also find the dynamic Giettaz snowpark, which has recently undergone significant ecological development (with new wooden modules).

Alpine ski area

The most accessible area in Combloux is the Portes du Mont-Blanc ski area: 3 sectors linked and skiable, and 1 accessible by road (that of Cordon – La Charbonnière).

In total, 100 km of slopes, oriented from east to northwest, with red, blue, and green trails, but not many black trails. As for the ski lifts, a gondola lift, a dozen chairlifts, about twenty ski lifts and two magic carpets serve the ski area. The resort also has a hundred artificial snow cannons. They are mainly used to ensure optimal ski conditions throughout the season.

When heavy snowfalls occur, the Combloux ski service prepares them slopes. It allows the public to enjoy the powder (snow) without immediately harassing certain closer trails. An excellent initiative that allows everyone to walk on virgin snow on marked trails with total safety.

Combloux Snowpark and Playgrounds

There are three sled areas, two on the slopes and one in the very heart of the village. In the Portes du Mont-Blanc area there are 3 snowparks, apart from the one mentioned in Combloux.

In the Combloux sector, we will have 2 new slopes conditioned and trodden to slide. They start at the top of the Plaine Joux ski lift, an 800m boardercross for a drop about 150m on the Ambourzalles trail; as well as the snowpark   ” La Croix ”on the eponymous track.

In the Megève / Le Jaillet Sector we find a boardercross located at the top of the ” Des 7 Nains-Blanche Neige ” trail. To get there, we have to ride the La Ravine chairlift and the 7 Nains ski lift.

The La Giettaz Sector represents novelty. A 900 m long boardercross, located at the top of Torraz, next to the snowpark, which, stands by its own, is made up of a beginner’s park and a pro park. These parks have an ” eco ” touch, since the modules are made of natural wood from the area. For fans of rails, ramps and halfpipe, a special forfait is offered that allows you to be carried twice on the Tête du Torraz and Grande Rare chairlifts; as well as unlimited access to the Torraz ski lift, throughout the day.

Combloux Nordic Skiing

For cross-country skiing, the Combloux resort offers 2 loops (green and blue) on 5,5 km of slopes from the Mont-Blanc balcony. The site is a natural claim for those who like to walk, evade  for an hour or two. Snow is guaranteed until the end of March. We must point out that access to the Combloux Nordic Ski Area is free for all skiers.

Combloux is a typical Haute-Savoie village that was once one of the first ski destinations for a small number of elected officials. In fact, it became the first commune in France to take over the finances of its ski lifts.

Cultural and gastronomic offer of the region

Culturally speaking, Combloux proudly displays its Baroque heritage. The Church of Saint Nicholas and its two-story bell tower are one of the rare examples in the region. We also find a polychrome wooden altarpiece, classified since 1967 as historical monuments.  You may also discover these treasures covering the 20 km of the Baroque Way, between Combloux and the Notre Dame de la Gorge church, in Les Contamines Montjoie. This is a pilgrimage route for the locals, which takes place every year on Pentecost Tuesday.

The quality of the Savoie and Haute Savoie mountain pasture allow Tarine and Abondance, the two local breeds of cows, to produce milk (and subsequently, excellent quality cheese).

In Savoy, the cheeses produced are subject to the controlled designation of origin (AOC) Beaufort, considered to be the Prince of Gruyères. We can also delight and taste the Tome des Bauges cheese, made in the Massif des Bauges.

In Haute-Savoie, the cheeses produced that benefit from a Controlled Denomination of Origin are the Reblochon de Savoie and Abondance.

To all this variety of cheeses should be included Emmental de Savoie, Chevrotin and Tomme de Savoie, which are produced in both departments.