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The Chastreix Sancy ski resort is a family friendly resort. It is located in the French department of Auvergne. Placed at 1400 m on the western slopes of the Sancy massif, formed by a warm group of chalets at the foot of the slopes, with a contained size.

Chastreix Sancy ski resort location

One of the identifying features of this domain is its wild aspect conferred by its vast white slopes. Its 360 ° panoramic view allows you to see the Puy de Sancy (1886 m), the Chastreix Nature Reserve, the town of Chastreix (5 km from the resort) and the vast valley of La Fontaine Salée. This resort, in Puy-de-Dôme, offers skiers a feeling of total freedom and wide open spaces on its 17 alpine ski slopes.

In addition, there is a magnificent Nordic area (46,6 km of discovery between 1350 and 1450 meters above sea level), as well as 4 snowshoe trails in the heart of unspoilt nature.

The alpine ski area

The Chastreix Sancy ski area, spread out on the western slopes of the Sancy Massif, offers 18 trails of all levels. These include 2 black, 5 red, 5 blue and 6 green, distributed on progressive and wild slopes between Puy de Chambasse (1730 m) and Mont Redon (1580 m).

The 16 kilometers of slopes at levels 1350 and 1730 m above sea level are served by 6 ski lifts. Including a special one for beginners, as well as the Baby Pingouin ski lift reserved for ESF ski classes. The snow cover is secured thanks to 28 artificial snow cannons.

The peculiarity of this ski area is to offer sensations of off-piste skiing; almost wild due to its vast snow white expanses and its panorama of the surroundings.

Beginners can discover the exciting world of skiing on the 6 green trails of the snow front. Intermediate skiers will enjoy the 5 blue trails, including the beautiful and long Les Plaines Brûlées. This trail starts from the top of the domain at Puy de Chambasse (1730 m) and winds gently towards the resort. Sports skiers can trace beautiful curves on the red trails in the Vallon and Redon sectors or pick up speed on the l’Ours and Roc black slopes from Mont Redon (1580 m).

You can also compete with friends in the easy level (green) of the boardercross located in the snow front.

Cross-country skiing and Nordic activities at Chastreix Sancy

For cross-country skiers, the Chastreix Sancy Nordic area offers 5 classic and skating trails, 2 connecting routes and 1 Nordic route to the Fontaine Salée valley. In total: 46,6 km of untreated tracks between 1350 and 1450 m altitude. We also take advantage of the recreational parks in the resort to discover the Nordic skiing world . As well as multiple activity trails (walking, snowshoes and Nordic skiing). At the Chastreix Sancy French Ski School – ESF, introductory and advanced courses are offered to learn biathlon.

Snowshoe hikes are the ideal opportunity to get in touch with the snow and discover unspoilt nature in a sustainable way. Chastreix Sancy invites adventurers with snowshoes to follow 2 looped routes (7 and 5,5 km) and 2 connecting routes (7 and 8 km).

If Nordic and Alpine skiing are not enough claim, Chastreix offers more

For some people, skiing in the mountains is only part of everything that can be done in the snow. For them, Chastreix Sancy offers a wide range of interesting activities. First of all, we can slide on top of the sled on the equipped and safe trail in the snow front – fun is guaranteed.

Or the adventure of the “Grand Nord” in the baptism of dog sleds, “Cani-Rando” (ride, towed by a dog); or, introductory courses and sledge management, to be able to slide on the snow “mushing”. Finally, we can enjoy a ski touring excursion with ESF professionals to enjoy the Sancy Massif with a twist.