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The Chaillol 1600 ski resrot, also known as Pinateau by the name of the village where it is located, is part of a mixed union of three resorts: Laye, Saint-lumière-les-mélèzes and Chaillol 1600. Chaillol is a family ski resort overlooking the Champsaur Valley in the Hautes Alpes. The ski resort stands out on a remarkable panorama with the Pic du Vieux Chaillol and its imposing 3163m as a backdrop.

History of the Chaillol ski resort

A multi-purpose resort, Chaillol offers family activities (alpine skiing, snowshoeing, cross-country skiing, etc.) and the practice of more fun sports such as snake gliss.

The start of the ski slopes is located just above the village of Saint Michel de Chaillol, 1600 meters above sea level. From there, the Clot Chenu chairlift carry you to a varied ski area that reaches 2000 m on two slopes. Most of the area is facing south, allowing you to enjoy spectacular sunshine all day in winter. Keep in mind that thanks to its extensive network of snow cannons, the Chaillol ski resort can cover more than 90% of its domain with artificial snow.

At the foot of the slopes, you will find all the essential shops and services (equipment rental, ski school, restaurants, accommodation). The accommodation offer in Chaillol is made up of two hotels, some hostels, guest houses, and three holiday centers. But above all, a wide range of accommodation (which are rented directly from the owners or through the only resort real estate agency).

Distribution of the slopes in Chaillol

Facing south, overlooking the Champsaur valley, the Chaillol ski area extends from 1450 to 2000 m. It offers around fifteen kilometers of trails. Mainly family oriented (fairly easy slopes), the area consists of 3 green, 5 blue and 4 red slopes, with 6 drag lifts and 2 4-person chair lifts.

A snowgarten equipped with a magic carpet is also located on the snow front. Modest in size but highly usable, it allows younger children to discover the fun of snow and the first sensations of winter sports.

Beginners will practice first on the Pinateau and Clot d’Ombret ski lifts, which give access to two green trails with a slight slope and no more than one hundred meters: the ideal terrain to familiarize yourself with the basics of skiing and find balance.

A little further down, the Clots ski lift offers a great alternative on the busiest days. A little out of the way (but not always open), we also find a green track; ideal to progress step by step.

Intermediate and nordic ski areas

Once the trajectory and speed are under control, intermediate level skiers can dare and try new trails. Thanks to the Coustaouille ski lift (which will transport you to the intermediate part of the ski area) or the Clot Chenu chairlift directly. The green, blue, and red trails are within walking distance.

For slightly more experienced skiers, the Cognets and Abeil ski lifts provide a link to the Lauzière sector where the longest (blue and red) trails of the resort are traced.

The unmissable trails of Chaillol: the long green of Chemin for beginners, the blue Clot Chenu, the long red of Lauzière … They have delicate imperfections on the ground, not to mention Cognets’ short but committed red trail.

While Chaillol does not offer a Nordic area properly speaking, cross-country skiing enthusiasts will gloat nearby in the areas of Haut Champsaur (from Pont du Fossé, Champoléon or Orcières), Gap-Bayard or even Valgaudemar. Accessible by car, these 3 Nordic areas add 130 km of trails conditioned and marked for skating and classic.

Non-ski activities in Chaillol

Although the town of Chaillol does not have large facilities (swimming pool, skating rink and other bowling alley), it meets the expectations of families. Non-skiers can also enjoy their stay in the mountains even if it is not on a pair of skis.

The 4 snowshoe trails that surround the complex, allow you to escape while admiring the magnificent landscapes overlooking the Champsaur valley. You can also see the nearby Pic du Vieux Chaillol.

In the late afternoon, the snake gliss (several sledges linked together) is also a great opportunity to discover new sensations (to try with family or friends).

The little ones will surely enjoy more in the leisure area of Fayore, where many activities await them on the circuit (quads, buggies, snowmobiles, Segway …).

Finally, to add a touch of culture to your stay in Chaillol, be sure to visit:

  • the “Confluences” museum-workshop that will allow you to understand the adaptation of man to his environment and the diversity of his creations throughout time and continents.
  • the Fayore cultural center, which hosts various events and exhibitions throughout the year (music, theater, dance and other live shows)

A completly different environment, surprises are guaranteed at the Caïre farm: a complete immersion in the agricultural world among sheep, lambs, goats, chickens and rabbits.

Chaillol 1600 is a small family ski resort located above the village of Saint-Michel-de-Chaillol. There is a French ski school, a tourist office, the departure of the Clot Chenu chairlift (the first LST chairlift in France) and the Lozière chairlift; two chair lifts, a pizzeria, two bar-restaurants, a souvenir and essentials shop, and two shops for summer / winter sports equipment.