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The Chabanon ski resort is placed at 1612 m, near the charming village of Selonnet, in a mid-mountain area. Its covered farmland reserves a refreshing holiday around a medium-sized ski area, under the characteristic Provencal sky.

Location and layout of the Chabanon ski resort

Located in the department of the Alpes de Haute Provence (Provence-Alpes-Côte d’Azur region), in the heart of the La Blanche valley, near Digne-Les-Bains (50 km). Connects via a regular transport service (white shuttles) from the Aix-en-Provence TGV station (two and a half hours from  Marseille / Provence airport).

The Chabanon ski resort was created by the commune in 1969, on the initiative of the mayor, who back in the days was a lawyer. A public limited company, the Société d’Aménagement Touristique de Selonnet (SATOS), was created to manage the resort. The city grants the land to SATOS through emphyseutic leasing, and builds a 5 km access road, financed in part by the sale of wood.

A concerted development zone is created and a pumping system is implemented at the bottom of the valley for the water supply (with a vertical drop of 400 m). The cost of water, three times higher than in the town, is offset by the equalization of rates. It is a low altitude resort (lifts among 1500 and 2000 m), located in Ubac.

Chabanon ski domain

During winter, the resort offers 35 trails over 40 kilometers. It also has a 3,5 km long night ski trail. With a difference of 400 m, allows you to ski under the stars in a unique environment.

The accommodation offer in Chabanon consists of a hotel with about twenty rooms (“Le Blanchon”). Only seasonally opened; The same occurs with the 3* * * tourist residence “Les Blanches Provençales” consisting of 64 apartments. The offer is completed with a holiday center and houses for rental between individuals. It is also possible to stay a little further down the valley.

Designed under the peaks of La Bressa (1981 m) and Tête Grosse (2032 m), the Chabanon Alpine ski area offers 40 km of slopes.

The alpine ski area Chabanon

The Alpine ski area of Chabanon, designed under the peaks of La Bressa (1981 m) and Tête Grosse (2032 m), offers 40 km of slopes. Staggered between 1612 m on the snow front (1525 m in the Les Clots sector) and 2032 m at the top of the slopes; that is to say, about 500 meters of unevenness. The Chabanon ski area offers 35 ski slopes (4 black, 13 red, 9 blue and 9 green).

Starting through a splendid spruce forest on the north slope (quality, preserved snow) and emerging through mountainous alpine pastures. To access the slopes, we have 12 lifts (1 chair lift with the chance of taking a ski chair for people with reduced mobility, 11 ski lifts, and 1 children’s ski lift).

The alpine domain is characterized by its wide range of slopes, of all levels. These are distributed on a little rugged terrain, quite accessible, aimed at families and beginners especially (with sportive trails and freeride spots for experienced skiers). The tracks run through vast mountain pastures and a spruce forest at its bottom.

The main areas we find

– Beginners in skiing have a large mountainous area where they can take their first steps. The blue La Serre trail, accessible from the arrival of the Les Combes ski lift, is perfect for a pleasant descent into the Ubarguet valley.

– For those who already have previous experience, we find beautiful red slopes from the top of Tête Grosse. Through the ski lift of the same name, towards the Chabane Vieille chairlift exit, we find Le Lièvre Blanc, Le Crête des Mélèzes, Chabane Vieille.

One of the characteristics of the Chabanon ski resort: night skiing. The excellent 3 km long Le Relais red piste allows you to ski under the stars in a unique atmosphere every Saturday (Monday, Thursday and Saturday during school holidays). It has lighting, essential for this type of descent. In this area we find the snow garden, the ideal place to take the first steps in the snow.

Cross-country skiing in Chabanon

In terms of Nordic skiing, the Négron trail represents the link between the beginning of the Clots / Chabanon ski lift 1500 m) and the Nordic Fanget area. This area offers 25 km of trails and routes dedicated to cross-country skiing (skating and classic) through the pine forest. There is 1 blue track (1,6 km), 2 red (8 and 9 km) and 2 black (8 and 13 km).

The offer is completed with:

– Routes with snowshoes, untrodden and insured (route map available at the Chabanon-Selonnet reception point).

– An orientation course on snowshoes (course and compass available at the reception point of the resort).

Chabanon Snowparks and Playgrounds

To descend differently, the Chabanon ski area offers:

  • A boardercross located along the red slope “La Crête des Mélèzes”. Accessible from the arrival of the Chabane Vieille chairlift, with a winding route, inclined turns and chained jumps.
  • A snowpark (preformed, open even in light snow conditions) accessible from the foot of the Pra Milan ski lift. It offers an Air line, 3 tables (3, 6 and 9 m), a Jib line (box, rainbow, street rail), a chillzone and music. Please note that the snowpark is open on Saturday nights.