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Downhill and nordic skiing are just a few of the variety of winter sports – such as snowboarding, snowmobile rides and mountain climbing that the Cerro Wayle ski resort offers to its visitors.

Those activities, plus its natural charm, make it one of the best destinations around Chos Malal, wether it’s rest or physical activity what you’re looking for.

Cerro Wayle ski resort

The natural charms of Cerro Wayle are one of the main reasons to choose the region of Chos Malal as a destination to rest or have fun.

Cerro Wayle ski resort, home to 4 ski slopes throughout 2 kilometers, is one of the unmissable alternatives that thrills young and old: located 48 kilometres from the city, it is inside the Volcán Tromen Natural Protected Area. Bewitching with the purest white that snow can give, it has three ski slopes differentiated in length and relief that allow you to enjoy the experience of winter sports.

It also offers an experimental slope where beginners can enjoy personalised or group classes with professional instructors.

Cerro Wayle ski resort
Cerro Wayle ski resort – Source: WIkiloc

Sustainable development of the Cerro Wayle ski resort

Municipalities like the Nequen municipality, where the Cerro Wayle ski resort is located, have a high potential to generate policy interventions with a direct impact on the quality of life of citizens and that is why,

in order to achieve the goals proposed for 2030, the national official considered the active participation of local governments in this process to be essential.

The process of localising the Sustainable Development Goals in municipalities involves integrating these goals into the strategic axes of government policy established by each municipality.

It also involves the incorporation of the three dimensions of sustainable development (social, economic and environmental) and the determination of a priority core of targets and indicators that allow for the reorientation and monitoring of government actions.

Tromen Volcano during spring – Source: Wikiloc

Unforgettable experiences in Cerro Wayle

Alpine and Nordic skiing and other winter sports

Alpine and Nordic skiing is just one of the disciplines offered by this winter centre.

You can also practice snowboarding, ride snowmobiles, climb to the top of the mountain on foot or by “poma lift”, among other irresistible options.

Alpine skiing – Source: explore-share.com

Slalom skiing in Cerro Wayle ski resort

Practice this Olympic sport in the Argentinian Patagonia, and feel the rush trhough your face and skin.

it is not like that you will beat the almost impossible record of the professional athletes, but you can strive to beat your own score every time you go down!

Cerro Wayle ski resort
Slalom skiing – Source:https://findelmundo.tur.ar/

Cerro Wayle mountain resort in summer

Museo Ana María Biset. a museum worth a visit

The Ana María Biset Museum is located 20 kilometres away from the city of Chos Malal, accessing through Provincial Routes 43 and 41, and then arriving at Caepe Malal.

It is named after one of the two archaeologists who in 1984 found an aboriginal cemetery, from which archaeological material was recovered.

Ana Maria Biset Museum – Source: https://www.neuqueninforma.gob.ar/el-museo-del-caepe-malal-aumento-el-numero-de-visitantes/

Visit the active volcano of Tromen

Tromen, in the Mapuche language means “soft”. The Tromen volcano can be reached by Route 37.

It is the second highest mountain in Patagonia after Domuyo, standing out majestically over the other surrounding mountains, surpassing them by almost a thousand metres. It is located inside the Tromen Provincial Reserve.

We recommend you to hiking around the volcano in the spring time, as the summer time might be too warm as there are no big trees where you can rest from the hot striking sun.

Cerro Wayle ski resort
Tromen, the volcano near the Cerro Wayle ski resort – Source: https://oavv.segemar.gob.ar/

Hotels in Cerro Wayle

Portal Norte Hotel Buta Ranquil

Featuring tennis courts and a bar, Hotel Portal Norte offers modern amenities such as free parking, a currency exchange office and luggage storage. The property has 10 rooms. A free shuttle bus service, 24-hour front desk assistance and laundry service are offered to all guests.

The rooms feature central heating, a private safe and a pantry. A fluffy down duvet, hypoallergenic pillows and foam pillows greet you to a good night’s rest. Other nice touches include a hairdryer, bathrobes and towels.

The restaurant is open daily for breakfast. Children will enjoy the cots, children’s menu and mini club.

Located 30km from the Cerro Wayle ski resort.

Cerro Wayle ski resort
Portal Norte Hotel – Source:

Terra Malal

Its name derives from the Mapuche language and means Yellow Corral, a name that describes the appearance of its forests in the autumn season. Located on the banks of the Neuquén and Curi Leuvú Rivers, it offers its visitors an extraordinary experience, a mixture of history and wild nature.

It is located only 600 metres from the Neuquén River shore and 300 metres from the main avenue, also under 50 kilometers away from the ski domains.

Its mountain range view allows you to make out some of the important peaks that surround the valley and keep their snowy peaks even in summer.

Cerro Wayle ski resort
Terra Malal Hotel – Source: https://www.terramalal.com/Terra_Malal.asp

Matista Hotel ****

Situated near the Dewey House, the Hotel Matista offers accommodation with free private parking and 8 guest rooms.

Guest rooms at this hotel include a safe, facilities for making tea and coffee and a desk. A kitchenette with a microwave and kitchenware is provided in all units.

The hotel bar serves tea and coffee. The closest airport is Chos Malal Airport (HOS-Oscar Reguera), 9 km from the property.

Cerro Wayle ski resort
Amatista Hotel – Source: https://amatista.hotelesenpatagonia.com/en/

Skiing in Cerro Wayle: the resort’s main strengths

✅ One of the smallest ski resorts in South America, giving it a very cosy ambiance.

✅ Situated very close to the Tromen volcano that stands nearly 4,000 metres above sea level.

✅ Home to many archaeological museums that are worth a visit in the off peak season.

✅ Located 48 kilometres from the nearest settlesment, Chos Malal.