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Cerro Batea Mahuida

Imagen: Jorge González

Batea Mahuida is located in the Andes mountain range, about 200 miles away from the city of Neuquén, 932 miles south from Buenos Aires and on the Argentina-Chile border, where it mixes with the mapuche culture.

“Batea Mountain”, translated from its original mapuche name, offers the usual winter sports and activities to its users: nordic and downhill skiing, snowmobile rides and hikes across the araucaria forests with snow shoes.

It also has a sweet shop where visitors can taste traditional products such as the “piñón” and take a look at mapuche craftmanship. Batea Mahuida’s name slope, named Monkol after the spot where it is located, has a total lenght of 700 meters and its highest point is 1700 meters high.