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Spain | Región: Aragonese Pyrenees

Aramón Cerler is the highest resort in the Aragonese Pyrenees. Placed in the Benasque Valley, reaches 2.630 meters high at its mythical top, the Gallinero, which makes it the Pyrenean ski resort with the highest skiable slope (1.130 meters).

Thanks to its beautiful landscape, surrounded by more than 60 peaks over 3.000 metres high, Aramón Cerler is a resort with extraordinary natural charm. Its trails and ski lifts are spreaded along two valleys: Cerler and Ampriu.

The skier can find all the necessary services for its comfort at the resort: ski lifts that eliminate queues, a wide gastronomic offer and a modern inivation system, which ensure the enjoyment of snow throughout the ski season.


Cerler, the highest ski resort in the Pyrenees

Skiers can choose between 67 trails, accessible from 19 modern ski lifts. This will allow you to ski in a magnificent ski area of 79 kilometers of perfectly arranged slopes.

After the slopes of forests covered by black pine, vertical peaks are raised such as the Cerler peak, Cibollés, Cogulla or Gallinero, placing the roof of the ski resort at 2.630 meters of altitude and allowing the longest descents of the skier and with greater vertical drops than you can imagine.

Its two beginners areas are above 1.800 meters, insuring snow for those who start in the white sport.

Freeride and excitement lovers are the regulars on the slopes of Gallinero, the Sarrau, the Pot or Quebrantahuesos, while those who are new trends lovers will find new incentives in the snowpark that will be located in the Rincon del Cielo sector.

All the fun of Cerler in Ampriu

The Ampriu sector has a large cafeteria and barbecue at the base of the slopes, which can be accessed directly by car. Enjoy with your forfait the fun activities for all audiences that this resort offers: sled area with ski lifts and special snow play area, ski lift ride and snow raquet circuit.

In the sleds area, you will have access to an exclusive trail for sledges totally safe. Which you can enjoy all day as many times as you want thanks to its ski lifter. Within this area there are also more attractions such as a snow carousel, snow slingshot and more game elements. At the bar with sunny terrace, you can enjoy delicious snacks without leaving the resort and be surrounded by the spectacular scenery of the place.

With the forfait you will also have snow raquets and canes at your disposal, so you can start in this activity by a simple and beautiful 3 km circular beacon circuit.

Amazing views at ski resort Cerler

You can reach 2300 meters of altitude in the Telesilla del Amor (the ski lifters). Or contemplate the mountain landscape that surrounds the location, admire the highest peaks of the whole Pyrenees, and the famous heart of ski resort Cerler.

In addition, the resort has both special ride vouchers so you can enjoy the snow and the incredible views as well as a raquet circuit. Both Cerler 1500 and Ampriu have ski and snowboard equipment rental and you can choose between the Progress and Top line ranges, depending on your needs.

Components such as a perfect orography, remoteness of the maritime damp, family environment, modern lifts, customer service mentality and charming towns make Cerler and the Benasque Valley a unique destination for all kinds of visitors.

The ski resort Cerler is nestled in one of the most spectacular valleys in the entire Pyrenees. Surrounded by the highest mountains such as Pico Aneto (3404 m, the highest in the entire Pyrenees), Pico Posets (3375 m), or Pico Perdiguero (3222 m), the high altitudes this resort offer spectacular views in all directions both to these summits and to the bottom of the valleys. The chairlifts give access to, if not the best, the most unique viewpoints:

  • Gallinero: reach the roof of the resort at 2630 m altitude and enjoy the views before starting the longest descent.
  • Corazón: access from the Sarrau or Ampriu chairlifts (also known as “Telesilla del Amor”) to the most romantic corner of the resort.
  • Banco del Rincón del Cielo: this bench located at the top of the chairlift of the same name. Invites you to sit on it to rest and enjoy its views towards the magical mountain of El Turbón.

Resort Promotions

If this is the first time you ever visit Cerler, or if you want to discover the resort in a different way and with the best company, every Monday, Saturday and Sunday at 10.30 a.m. our ambassadors await you at Cerler 1500. They will show you the best corners and points of Cerler. They will explain each trail and history of each ski lift, as well as the name of each magic mountains that surround the ski resort.

Every Friday during the ski season, the resort gives debutants free forfaits for the Ampriu area. Thanks to this, you will have free access to the Infantile and Turberes belts, and the Debutantes I and II ski lifts.

The ski resort Cerler is perfect for learning and perfecting skiing. Not only for the characteristics of the slopes (length, layout, variety of levels) but for the quality of the snow. The altitude where most of the slopes are located – above 1800 m – makes it possible for us to have powder snow many days during the season, which facilitates skiing and offers unique sensations.

Cota 2000: In the area of Cota 2000 you will find the Robellóns, Fontanals and Puentet green trails that run through a beautiful black pine forest. They are ideal tracks to make the first steps in skiing because of its path, width and lenght.

Ampriu: In Ampriu, with convenient access by car, you have two magic carpets and specific ski lifts for beginners. If that is not enought, at the base of the slopes you will have all the services you need to start skiing or snowboarding: rent, ski schools, cafeteria, restaurant, barbecue, snow garden …