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Bonneval Sur Arc,one of the “most beautiful villages in France” is the perfect definition of a village-ski resort. Located at 1.800 m, the ski area set its summit at 3.050 m.

Located in Savoie (Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes region), at the foot of the Iseran pass (2764 m above sea level), the tourist town of Bonneval sur Arc attracts skiers for its open spaces, as well as tourists who only want to spend some holidays.

Location of the Bonneval Sur Arc ski resort

Listed as one of the “most beautiful villages in France”, Bonneval-sur-Arc is adorned with traditional stone-built chalets covered with slate roofs. Gateway to the Vanoise National Park. Located at an altitude of 1800 m in the heart of an authentic and unspoilt mountain, Bonneval sur Arc offers relax surrounded by astonishing nature.

During winter, road access is exclusively through the Maurienne valley through Modane. The Iseran pass is closed in winter. The nearby Haute Tarentaise resort does not communicate with Bonneval sur Arc. As alternatives, we have the TGV train station at Modane 45 km away or the plane (Chambéry airports 146 km and Grenoble 176 km).

Distribution of the slopes in Bonneval Sur Arc

The Bonneval sur Arc ski area, among 1800 m and 3000 m above sea level, extends below the Pointe d’Andagne (3217 m). It is a perfect slope for skiing (20 km from the slopes), with a wide variety of scenarios. These provide incredible views, a significant vertical drop, integrated in a surprising high mountain landscape. It does not stand out for the length of its trails, but for the quality of its snow and its slopes. What makes Bonneval-sur-Arc an exceptional place for winter sports.

The Bonneval sur Arc ski area offers 20 trails (5 green, 8 blue, 5 red, 2 black) for 20 km of slopes spread among 1800 and 3000 m. The domain is divided into 3 sectors: Valonnet, Les Lacs and Les 3000. With 1200 m difference in height that can be easily covered thanks to the 11 mechanical lifts, including 3 chair lifts and 8 ski lifts.

Experienced skiers and beginners meet at the resort

The Bonneval-sur-Arc slopes offer skiing for experienced skiers in the upper part of the area, where the red and black trails are located. The “Valonnet” and “Les Lacs” sectors, however, offer beginner and intermediate skiers the opportunity to have a good time on green and blue trails.

Meeting point for skiers of all levels: the panorama from the top of the domain at an altitude of 3000 m that imposes a feeling of humility in front of the 360 ° landscape that rises before your very eyes. From the Barre des Ecrins to the Aiguilles d’Arves, passing through the peaks of the Vanoise National Park. The Col de l’Iseran, the border chain with Italy, and just below the Albaron, reaches a maximum of 3637 meters above sea level. Visitors will feel one with the nature in this natural spectacle.

For families and beginners, we find three areas reserved for them. At the bottom of the ski area, we find the green slopes “Mésange” (served by the Pechaillet chairlift), “Corneille” (via the Pré du Vas chairlift) and “Pierre Fendue (with the ski lift of the same name).

Once the first notions are acquired, the next step is visiting the blue track “Polo Boniface”, to enjoy snowplow without worries. An ascent from the Lacs sector is required to enjoy the blue slopes “Troglodite” and “Tétras-Lyre”.

Snow parks and play areas Bonneval sur Arc

The particularity of the Bonneval sur Arc ski area lies mainly in the many freeride possibilities. Accessible from the ski lifts, although you have to be careful with the risks of avalanches: check the slopes conditions before traveling. Some recommended routes are the Vallonet upper glacier route or the Andagne corridors (in the company of an instructor or a mountain guide). Or the route through the Val d’Isère sector, with off-piste return to Bonneval sur Arc. Note that this option provides a helicopter descent of the slope below.

The second peculiarity of the Bonneval sur Arc ski area is its cross-country skiing capacity. Since spring snow is particularly qualitative, many skiers approach Bonneval sur Arc every season from mid-March to early May. The area is the ideal destination for visitors looking for large unspoilt spaces: Pointe d’Andagne (3217m), Albaron (3637m), Ouille du Midi (3042m), or Iseran (2000m).

To glide differently, the resort offers:

  • A boardercross (jump chain, steep turns) along the blue “Bergeronnette” trail accessible by the Mulinet ski lift.
  • A snowpark (jumps of different levels: green, blue and red) located at the end of the blue trail “Tétras Lyre” which can be reached through the Barme ski lift.

Cross-country skiing in Bonneval sur Arc

The “Sallanches-Fauvettes” trail runs along the Arc river. Over 3 km, it allows you to reach the Nordic area of Bessans from Bonneval sur Arc on skis, snowshoes or on foot. A free bus is also available. Located on a vast plateau at an altitude of 1750 m between the Charbonnel glacier and the Averole valley. The area is listed as Nordic France, is a referent location among the national Nordic destinations.

The offer is substantial, with approximately 133 km of tracks dedicated to Nordic skiing, and an international biathlon stadium. In the classic or skating modality, you can take advantage of:

  • 22 slopes from 1,8 to 21,3 km (7 green, 8 blue, 4 red and 3 black).
  • 15 kilometers of trails (marked and safe) to discover while walking carefree.
  • 1 biathlon training and initiation trail, “Grand Public”, 2,5 km located around the international biathlon stadium.

The offer is completed with 4 footpaths and snowshoes (20 km spread over 4 tracks of 2, 3, 4 and 6 km). It also has 1 trail for pulka (closed sled towed by the skier and allowing children to be taken for a walk) and joëring ski (horse-drawn skis).

Finally, keep in mind that from the resort, a Nordic and pedestrian ski trail runs 3 km towards the village of Ecot. Perfect for stretching your legs, and a chance to visit this traditional village.