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Beuil Les Launes is a ski resort in the Maritime Alps, nestled at 1430 meters, in the commune of Beuil. The ski domain is linked to the neighbour resort of Valberg.

Village of the Alpes d’Azur, at the gates of the Mercantour National Park. Located 78 km from Nice, capital of the French Riviera, Beuil invites you to practice sport and discover the pleasure of skiing. But also relaxation for an authentic mountain holiday.

Layout and location of the slopes

Beuil les Launes is a medieval town that is preserved for hoding a unique essence and cohabitation.  Beuil les Launes, a natural summer and winter resort, encourages sports activities at all levels: walks, hiking, paragliding, mountain biking, tennis, climbing, horses, basketball, canyoning … Among the most beautiful slopes in the region.

Altitudes among 1.500 – 2.100 m, just one hour drive from Nice. The slopes of La Condamine and Launes hide beautiful ski trails and a link to the Valberg area. The Beuil-Valberg area covers almost 130 km of slopes, with 25 ski lifts serving more than 50 ski trails.

Beuil is the largest cross-country ski area in the Maritime Alps, with beautiful reliefs. The three trails are trodden and regularly maintained to practice both two techniques of cross-country skiing, classical and skating. You can also try the snowshoe routes, from the Beuil station, or the sled run in Condamine.

The best slopes in Beuil les Launes

In winter, the Beuil les Launes ski resort shares its domain with neighboring ski resort Valberg. Among 1430 and 2100 meters above sea level, we have a total of 55 alpine trails. They make up approximately 90 km of snowy slopes. 25 lifts, including 7 chair lifts, serve this ski area. It offers diversity and wonderful landscapes that will satisfy the most demanding, both for regular skiing or snowboarding.

In Beuil les Launes, cross-country skiing enthusiasts are in luck. The resort has a Nordic area with a total of 25 kilometers of regularly mantained slopes.

The 11 green slopes will be the perfect place for beginners who want to slide for the first time. While slightly more experienced skiers will enjoy the 13 blue slopes where they will perfect their plow, descent after descent. More experienced skiers will alternate between sharp turns and  wider on the 22 red and 6 black trails the domain offers.

The town in general has preserved a certain aesthetic: there are no large concrete buildings in the center of the resort, but chalets and wooden buildings. Therefore, one has the impression of being in a mountain village rather than in a conventional ski resort.

Beuil shares part of his domain with Valberg

80% of the ski slopes are in the Valberg resort. Like the ESF routes or even the highest slopes (and therefore, the most covered with snow).

With 95 kilometers of slopes, Valberg is the third biggest resort in the Alpes Maritimes department, behind Isola 2000 and Auron. The main sectors of the resort are:

– Valberg 1700. Main sector of the area, with varied trails and where we can find the highest point of the resort. Le Cime de Raton, at 2066m above sea level. There are 7 chair lifts (including a detachable six-seater) and 9 drag lifts.

-Les Launes, link between Beuil and Valberg. Very nice to ski. There are trails of all levels, and an old ski jumping trampoline, which is out of use nowadays. It has 4 mechanical lifts.

– Beuil 1500, a true medieval town. It is the gateway to the area when arriving from the Cians gorges. However, the sector is quite similar to Launes. It has 3 mechanical lifts.

Thus, the Valberg area is made up of 11 green, 13 blue, 29 red and 8 black trails. It is ideal for beginners, who can enjoy pleasant descents in the middle of the trees. The resort is surrounded by mountain slopes such as the Croix du Sapet (1821 m), the Tête du Sapet (1852 m) and the Tête des Eguilles (1884 m). The most experienced are not left out, with the trails in the Dreccia- Pra Brûlé reserved for the most skilled skiers.

Summer activities in Beuil les Launes

Beuil-Les Launes, a cozy medieval town that receives hundreds of visitors every year.  A natural summer and winter resort, Beuil-Les Launes encourages sports activities at all levels: hiking, routes, paragliding, mountain biking, tennis, climbing, horse riding, basketball, as well as canyoning amidst the most beautiful slopes in the region. For children in summer, it has a media library and craft workshops. In winter, cross-country skiing will make you discover wonderful landscapes. The Alpine ski area Beuil-Valberg, with 90 km of slopes will satisfy the most demanding. The resort also hosts numerous local festivals: St Jean, fireworks, dances until dawn, picnic on the plateau of the same name, available since the first days of June.