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Bergbahn – Kitzbühel


avWorld-renowned for being a flower of ski, the ski resort of Bergbahn Kitzbühel along with its village and medieval area will make you discover the essence of skiing.

The village is a unique enclave located right out in a typical valley of Tirol with a bunch of skiing areas. You will quickly and safely reach the heights thanks to a double access from the telecabin Hahnenkamm and Horn.

Bergbahn – Kitzbühel: welcome to the paradise

The connections are excellent especially by train starting from Innsbruck and Salzbourg and soon with Munich’s airport. You can choose the piste which is best adapted for you according to your level because there is a wide variety of runs. Keep in mind that Kitzbühel owns the mythic run used for World Ski Championship, often considered as one of the most dangerous descents in the world.

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When you’re done with your day of skiing, feel free to stop at one of the numerous mountain huts and alpine restaurants : a unique experience you would not like to miss ! You will enjoy the traditions in a gorgeous setting, for an unforgettable experience.