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Bellevaux – Hirmentaz is a family ski resort in the Lake Geneva, Alps in Haute-Savoie, located at an altitude of 1100 m on a vast Alpine plateau. Half an hour from Thonon-les-Bains (45 minutes from Geneva), in a friendly and calm environment where beginners can take their first steps in the snow.

Layout and history of Bellevaux

The Bellevaux – Hirmentaz nature reserve attracts visitors seeking tranquility and authenticity for their vacation. Get in contact with nature, while enjoying the activities offered and the surroundings (Brevon Valley).

In addition to the 25 alpine ski slopes for all levels, the Hirmazaz – Les Mouilles Nordic ski area allows you to discover beautiful unspoilt stretches. Along 20 km of slopes you can slide or walk (free night runs every Thursday during the winter school holidays, with the possibility of a picnic), embark on its 20 km of Nordic routes, walk in snowshoes (10 km of marked routes), on foot (6 km of routes in trodden snow) or learn biathlon. There is also a sled run, boardercross and the funpark “Yakoo”.

Bellevaux – Hirmentaz also proposes experiencing unforgettable moments in dog sleds, driving courses in the snow, and in the Scandinavian pulka (guided or assisted by a dog) to discover the natural treasures of the Roc d’Enfer massif / La Chèvrerie.

Families also find in Bellevaux – Hirmentaz a kindergarten “Les P’tits Loups” that welcomes children from 6 months to 6 years.

The Bellevaux – Hirmentaz skiable domain

The Bellevaux – Hirmentaz alpine ski area is made up of a beginner’s circuit, a snowpark, a boardercross, a snow line and 25 trails for all levels.

It links with the neighboring station of Les Habères through a ski lift located at 1600 m, forming the Massif des Habères – Hirmentaz ski area. There are 43 trails for all levels (2 black, 17 red, 16 blue, 8 green) that meander between steep slopes, mountain trails, and easy slopes to learn to ski.

The 50 km of ski are organized between 1100 m and 1610 m above sea level, and they use 23 lifts (6 chair lifts and 17 lifts). The trails are short. Well exposed on different slopes, which results in different qualities of snow. The 7 green trails are ideally laid out on the snow-covered slopes. They are considered a perfect location for beginners. The large number of red and blue slopes allow beginner or intermediate skiers to progress at their own pace. Special mention for the blue track of the Ouergnes ski lift, in the upper part of the area. It allows, in addition to admiring Mont-Blanc, skiing throughout the whole ski area.

Sports skiers can carelessly snowplow and cut corners on the numerous red and black slopes carefully laid out along the Les Rhodros ski lift and the Crêtes chairlift.

Places of obligatory visit

The area hides stunning views of Lake Geneva and Mont Blanc, which the visitor must discover. The Bellevaux commune is located in the Brevon Valley, in the French Chablais. It is located 25/30 km south of Thonon-les-Bains, located on the French shore of Lake Léman.

From here you can see the Vallon lake, the Roc d’Enfer, the Brevon, the Pététoz lake, the Diomaz waterfall, and the alpine garden.

La Pointe de la Gay (1801 m), the Pointe d’Ireuse (1890 m), the Pointe de Chalune (2116 m) and the Pointe de Chavasse (2012 m) are placed in the municipal territory. Therefore, we can find numerous peaks, as well as many grazing areas (Nifflon, Chavan, Petetoz).

The valley extends below the Roc d’Enfer, which is locally called the Punta de Oïl, in Patois el Penta d’Oël (The Point of the Eagle).

Leisure and après-ski offer

Many activities are offered in Bellevaux: hiking, hiking, moody, via ferrata, addict park in Bella-Vallis, skate, skating, BMX, soccer, tennis, fishing, sled dogs, downhill skiing, Nordic skiing, cross country skiing, snowshoeing snow, sledding, handiski, telemark, climbing, canyoning, caving …

In terms of infrastructure, the city has two ski resorts in Hurentaz. La Chèvrerie (part of the Espace Roc d’Enfer), made up of two Nordic areas. On the Mouilles plateau and in La Chèvrerie, two tennis courts, in Les Mouilles (illuminated) and in La Cour, a soccer field. In Les Doubines, a mountain bike area, a set of freestyle, skate and BMX modules, an equipped climbing wall, mountain huts and fitness trails.

It has a disco, “La Tête au Moine”, located in La Chèvrerie, famous in the region. Free night parties are held from 18pm to 20 pm every Tuesday during the school holidays. Enough to extend the day after sliding under the stars.

In 2008, a local resident gave up part of his land to put ponies. A unique enclave to share children’s passion for horses, located on the shores of Lake Vallon.