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Switzerland | Region: Graubünden

Thanks to the new Arosa-Lenzerheide connection (1 ski domain, 2 valleys, 3 hillsides), visitors we’ll find 225 km of slopes and 50 km of cross-country space, as well as 42 skilifts.

Arosa offers to his guests a unique variety of slopes to satisfy demanding skiers. Snowboarders can have their cut of fun too, since Arosa has a fun park with a half-pipe over the Tschuggen sector.

On the Maran, Prätschalp/Ochsenalp, Isel and Obersee areas there’s a total of 30 km of slopes ready for cross-country skiing.

Arosa-Lenzerheide ski resort

The two renowned holiday regions of Arosa and Lenzerheide have been connected since the launch of the Urdenbahn in January 2014. As a result, it is a snow sports paradise with 225 safe pistes, twice as many rustic lodges and record-setting sunshine days. During the summer, Arosa Lenzerheide offers numerous leisure activities on the region’s hiking trails, cycle paths or mountain lakes.

Arosa Lenzerheide
Arosa Lenzerheide Ski Resort – Source: https://www.facebook.com/Lenzerheide

In addition, a variety of cross-country ski trails and idyllic winter hiking paths run through this magnificent setting. Moreover, events such as the Lenzerheide Magic Forest, the Arosa Laughter Festival and a wide range of sporting events guarantee a great time.

In summer, Arosa Lenzerheide also offers a wide range of leisure activities on foot, by bike or on the lake. The holiday region offers a wide range of activities, especially for families, such as the Globi children’s programme, where children can take part in exciting activities on the farm, do crafts in the forest or bake sweets.

Arosa Lenzerheide
Arosa Lenzerheide Ski Resort – Source: https://www.facebook.com/Lenzerheide

Sustainable development of the Arosa-Lenzerheide ski resort

“Environmentally friendly, sustainable, authentic”, these are buzz words that influence tourism businesses in terms of operations, strategy and also in terms of communication.

Not only is environmental sustainability a buzzword for the Arosa Lenzerheide snow-sports region, but for many years it has also been an important issue, especially in the technical field.

This theme has been integrated into the

strategy of the Arosa-Lenzerheide Ski Resort and they are doing a great deal to offer the visitors an efficient and sustainable service.

A number of steps have already been taken, although there is still a lot to be done.

Sustainable vehicle in Arosa-Lenzerheide – Source: https://arosalenzerheide.swiss/

Unforgettable experiences in Arosa-Lenzerheide

Fly high with snow-covered mountain views 

In Lenzerheide, Paraheid Braun offers various tandem flights. With an experienced paraglider pilot, you can enjoy a unique view of Lenzerheide or glide quietly through the valley after a guided hike.

You can experience nature from the air without the annoying noise of engines. Paragliding has been Marco Braun’s passion for many years and he would like to share it with you. His many years of flying experience mean that you are in safe hands with him. Every season has its own charm. That is why he is on the move with his paraglider all year round, and let us tell you that the views of the Swiss Alps from covered in white will be a lifetime experience.

Whether for yourself or as a gift, you are sure to find the right tandem paragliding flight here.

Arosa Lenzerheide
Paragliding in Arosa-Lenzerheide – Source: https://arosalenzerheide.swiss/

Enjoy the mountainous scenery while you are snuggled up in a cosy blanket

Discover Arosa on a horse-drawn carriage ride along well-groomed winter riding routes while snuggled up in a cosy blanket. Admire the breath-taking view of the surrounding mountain scenery and listen to the jingle of the horses’ harness. This is winter wonderland at its very best!

 Arosa-Lenzerheide ski resort
Horse Ride in Arosa-Lenzerheide – Source: https://arosalenzerheide.swiss/

Arosa-Lenzerheide mountain resort in summer

Enjoy playing Federer’s favourite sport surrounded by the beautiful Swiss Alps

Regardless of whether you bring your own equipment or rent it, whether you actively play or watch the match from a beautifully sunny terrace, the thrill of tennis has been enjoyed in Arosa for over fifty years.

The tennis courts of TC Arosa were constructed in 2011 on the ceiling of the Brüggli’s underground garage. These courts are available to all club members and guests of Arosa.

The facilities feature a splendid sun terrace which helps to create a relaxed environment among the spectators. The courts can be rented between 8:00 and 22:00.

 Arosa-Lenzerheide ski resort
Tennis courts in Arosa-Lenzerheide – Source: https://arosalenzerheide.swiss/

Soak yourself in the Heidsee lake

The swimming fun in the Lenzerheide holiday region leaves no wish unsatisfied. Treat yourself to a splendid dip in the Heidsee lake or enjoy a relaxing, sun-filled day at the outdoor pool in Churwalden. Water sports lovers will find everything they need at the Lenzerheide water sports centre.

Water sports seekers can rent different and varied water sports equipment, submerge themselves in windsurfing or sailing lessons, ride pedal boats or even play beach volleyball by the lake side, with magnificent views to the Alps.

 Arosa-Lenzerheide ski resort
Heidsee lake inArosa-Lenzerheide – Source: https://arosalenzerheide.swiss/

Hotels in Arosa-Lenzerheide

Gentiana A-9 ***

Gentiana A-9 is a cosy, very well maintained 3.5 room flat on the 4th floor (lift) of the detached building “A” with a total of 12 flats in the development ] in a central but quiet, sunny location above the village street.

The nearest ski slope is at the Waldhotel, about 300 metres from the property.

From there you can ski down to the Tschuggen chairlift or the Weisshorn cable car at the railway station. Various walking and hiking trails also start at the Waldhotel.

The free local bus, which runs every 10 minutes during the day, is a 5 minute walk away. From there you can easily reach the ski school “Inner-Arosa” in 3 minutes.

 Arosa-Lenzerheide ski resort
Gentiana A-9 – Source: Arosalenzerheide.swiss

Hof Arosa  B-11 **

The family-friendly holiday complex “Hof Arosa” is very centrally located.

The bus stop, the Coop centre and the open-air swimming pool at Untersee are about a 4-minute walk away.

The main goal of this chalet is is that you as parents relax and your children experience plenty of adventure at the same time. The house entrance is equipped with electronic light sensors and a door code system.

Situated at the foot of the slopes of the Arosa-lenzerheide Ski Resort.

Hof Arosa Hotel – Source: https://arosalenzerheide.swiss/

Chesa Clois 24/Gerber 106 **

Apartment house Chesa Clois is situated off the main road in a quiet, sunny position, 200 m from the centre and has an easy access to the cross-country ski run at the very bottom of the ski resort.

Ice rink, curling and tennis courts nearby.

This complex is ideal to come with your friends as it includes an on-site small indoor pool, sauna (extra), roof terrace, house bar, lounge with TV, bowling alley (extra), table tennis, billiards (extra), children’s playroom, kiosk, lift, laundry, among other facilities.

Chesa Clois 24/Gerber – Source: https://arosalenzerheide.swiss/

Skiing in Arosa-Lenzerheide : the resort’s main strengths

✅ 225 km of slopes and 50 km of cross-country space, as well as 42 skilifts.

✅ Located 1 hour 45 minutes away from Zurich and just under 3 hour drive from Milan.

✅ Summer activities are just as great and as varied as winter activities.

✅ More than 400 employees work daily to make your winter sports day a flawless experience.